Ham slicing knife (mod. rustic)


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Slicing knife "rustic". An ideal knife for cutting the ham, long and flexible to get very thin and long slices. It glides over the ham.

Wooden handle.

You must be sharpened often to maintain a precise and easy.

5,45 €

The Bellota Iberian Spanish shoulder ham is one of the finest dishes from Spanish gastronomy. It comes from an iberian pig fed with acorn in freedom around the pastures. Its's curing time over 24 months is one of the reasons of its exellent taste. An intense flavour and an unbelievable aroma. Marbled with small layers of pink juicy fat which makes this...

133,00 €

The Iberian Cebo shoulder ham is the foreleg of an Iberian pig fed with natural compound feed and grass. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 18 months. Guaranteed Iberico ham from Extremadura. We take very good care of all the process to offer you the best iberico Cebo shoulder ham you can eat!!! Better sliced? See the Sliced...

90,24 €

A round and sweet wine. Great Rivera del Duero.  Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot   Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and American. Bottled in March 2011.  D.O. Ribera del Duero   14,5%   91 Puntos Parker/ 93 Puntos Peñin  Roasts, Piglet, smoked meat, Iberian products, Red Meats

25,56 €

Chorizo Iberico de Bellota produced in the Guijuelo area (Salamanca). This Bellota chorizo is made with the finest meet in order to obtain a top quality Chorizo, the drying process follows the traditional process.Fresh meat produced in the Guijuelo area is the perfect row material to produce this delightful Chorizo.   Iberian Bellota lean sausage (Spanish...

26,09 €

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How to cut Spanish ham:

6 videos for with lots of information about the art of slicing ham.

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Pas cher et efficace
Jocelyn L. el día 05/09/2019Ce couteau est parfait pour la découpe du jambon et il garde bien son affut.
Clare R. el día 01/02/2019Works as intended
JOSE H. el día 12/17/2018Buen precio
Jose Ignacio V. el día 03/20/2018Un detalle muy practico
Ángela L. el día 01/09/2018Ok
Good knife
Andrea d. el día 08/23/2017Good knife
Très convenable
Anne-Fleur B. el día 08/22/2017Parfait pour la découpe bien sûr. Tranches très fines pour toute la découpe du jambon sans affûtage. Je pense que nous devrons l'affûter pour la prochaine utilisation. Mais pour le moment, nous avons été très convaincus de la qualité du couteau.
Lorena B. el día 07/22/2017Perfecto para cortar el jamon y el precio muy accesible. costo/calidad inigualable.
David I. el día 04/24/2017corta mejor de lo que esperaba
Victor P. el día 03/13/2017Good
Maja B. el día 12/19/2016
Great present, shipping was fast and communication was excellent
Katrin R. el día 02/05/2013 We ordered the ham with holder and knife and wine as a present for my parents birthdays. As I live in a different country, I was only on the phone with them, but the whole family stood around the box very excited. We found it makes a great present, shipping was fast and communication was excellent.
Os recomendaría, y espero poder continuar comprando de nuevo
Anna L. el día 11/15/2013Agradezco que durante todo el proceso haya tenido la información necesaria sobre el seguimiento del producto. Soy muy selectiva cuando compro on-line, sólo lo hago si es la mejor alternativa o la única, y por supuesto, si económicamente me compensa. No conocía previamente Jamonarium, después de varias búsquedas en internet, me decidí por vuestra empresa y estoy, bueno, estamos todos muy contentos. Por supuesto que os recomendaría, y espero poder continuar comprando de nuevo.

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