Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano
Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano

Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano

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The Assortment of Christmas sweets "mantecados" 600g El Artesano cannot be missing from the table during the Christmas holidays... Enjoy one of the most anticipated delicatessens of the year with family and friends. The assortment of El Artesano are of the highest quality, thanks to their craftsmanship.

This assortment is made up of mantecados, wine donuts, shortbread, stuffed almonds and alfajores. This assortment contains some of the most popular Christmas sweets, making this assortment a must-have for any Christmas celebration.

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Gourmet cans

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Ingredients by type of product:

- Mantecados: Wheat flour, sugar, lard, ground cinnamon (1%) (in cinnamon), cocoa powder (2%) (in cocoa), grated coconut (5%) (in coconut), lemon aroma (in the lemon ones), vanilla aroma (in the cocoa ones); sesame (in cinnamon ones); coconut aroma (in coconut) and antioxidant E-320.

- Rosco de Vino: Wheat flour, Iberian pork lard (antioxidant E-320), sugar, wine (12% (contains sulphites)), almonds, matalahúva, ground cinnamon, sesame seeds, anise aroma and lemon aroma .

- Polvorón: Wheat flour, sugar, lard, almonds, ground cinnamon, cloves, lemon aroma and antioxidant E-320.

- Stuffed Almond: Sugar, wheat flour, toasted almonds (23%), palm vegetable fat, wafer (wheat flour, soy lecithin and sodium bicarbonate), nougat aroma and almond aroma.

- Alfajores: Wheat flour, sugar, lard, peanuts, cocoa powder, cinnamon, matalahúva, sesame, clove, anise aroma, lemon aroma and antioxidant E-320.

Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano


Data sheet

Alicante (Spain)
Price per kilo
14.16 €/kg
Mira Y Llorens S.A.
Nutritional values
Energy value: 2110 kJ/500 kcal, fats: 25g (of which saturated 9g), carbohydrates: 61g (of which sugars 25g), proteins 7g, salt 0.08g
Allergens & co
Contains gluten, wheat, peanuts, soy lecithin, almonds, sesame seeds and sulphites. May contain traces of milk and other nuts

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Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano

Assortment Christmas Mantecados Polvorones 600g, El Artesano

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