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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Venta del Barón (included in the PDO Priego de Córdoba) is among the best Olives Oils of the World. This Olive Oil has received more than 60 awards in 8 different countries, some of the Best Chefs in the World use it in the regular basics for their Restaurants.

We recommend this extraordinary olive oil for Premium olive oil lovers. It is Ideal for breakfast (with Rustic Bread), appetizers, salads and to give a special touch to any kind of dish.
Tasting notes: The smell reminds us a multitude of herbal notes peppermint, almond shells, banana and apple, it also has a sweet entrance, slightly bitter and spicy in progress which gives it a strong character remaining stable over time.

Awards: Venta del Barón extra virgin olive oil is one of the most awarded oils in the world during the last decade. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 it was considered among the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. See more awards here.

Origin: Mola, S.L. Priego (Córdoba) D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba.
Variety: Hojiblanca & Picuda (Coupage)
Capacity: 2,5 Liters
Packaging: Tin, the metal packaging keep untouchable the properties of its oil from the time of packaging to to the time of consumption.

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Venta del Barón, DO Priego de Córdoba

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Information and curiosities about our Venta del Barón olive oils. Types of olives, tasting notes, harvesting process and awards and recognitions of recent years.

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Ficha Técnica

OriginCórdoba (Spain)
Tasting noteIntense fruity oil with herbaceous notes and reminiscent of peppermint peel of almond banana and apple. It is a very aromatic, balanced and harmonic oil.
ManufacturerMuela-Olives, S.L.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value: 3389 KJ / 824 KCal, Fat 92 gr (of which saturated 14g, monounsaturated 69gr, polyunsaturated 9.2 gr), Carbohydrates 0 gr, sugars 0gr, Proteins 0gr, Salt 0gr, Vitamin E 18 mg 153% NRV
PairingsRustic toasted bread, salads
Olive variety75% Hojiblanca, 25% Picuda
QualityExtra Virgin
PreservationStore in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
Price per litre12.36 €/l
Designation of OriginDOP Priego de Córdoba
Format2.5l aluminum can