How to send Ibérico and Serrano hams to Latvia?

How to buy a Jabugo, Cinco Jotas and Guijuelo hams from Latvia? Do you want to ship an Ibérico or serrano ham and shoulder to Latvia? How can you send a ham to Latvia? How much does it cost to send hams to Latvia and how long will it take?  


 Buy ibérico hams online from Latvia

How to send hams to Latvia? Buying a ham or a shoulder online

shipping iberico bellota hams shoulders Latvia

Do you want to send a ham or shoulder to Latvia? Do you know where to buy a ibérico bellota ham online to send to Latvia? How can you buy hams from Latvia? Where to buy "pata negra" ibérico ham in Latvia? How long will it take for my order to get Latvia? How much does it coast to send a pack of spanish products to Latvia?

You can buy hams and Spanish gourmet products in Jamonarium.com quickly and easily, and send them to Latvia. Direct to your house with guaranteed quality and with the same prices as in our store in Barcelona.

We explain the steps to follow to make the purchase. If you have questions, contact us.


 Buying hams from Latvia: Fast and easy
How to send hams to Latvia? Buy Online and prices

- Access our website jamonarium.com where you will find a menu with all our products.

- Access each of the items you want to buy, select the weight if needed and add the item to the cart.

- When you have all your products selected, go to the cart, in the upper right part of the screen and indicated by a basket.

- In a first screen, the summary of the order and the prices breakdown will appear. In order to proceed the payment and select the transport, click on "proceed to checkout".

- On the left side of the cart you will see the addresses registered in your account, as well as you will be able to add more. Select the delivery address.

- Select the courier and the payment method desired. Consult transport fares to Latvia

- Confirm the order and make the payment (card, paypal or transfer). Once the payment confirmation has been received, we will send you an email.

- Once the order is ready, we will send it to the address, placed at any point in Latvia.

- The day after shipment, we will provide you with the tracking code for you know to know where is  your parcel.

- Some days afterwards you will receive the parcel. Check transport times.

- If there is a delivery failure because you are not at home, the courier will contact you to arrange delivery or communicate a delivery point.


How to send Ibérico and Serrano hams to Latvia? Fast and cheap


Whether you're away from Spain or want to send ibérico and other gourmet products to family or friends , in our online store you will find a variety of the best quality products. An easy way not to leave any home without ham.

If you want to send hams and delicatessen to Latvia, you must follow the steps indicated above. If you register your email in the order, you will receive tracking communications of the order in your email. We will inform you by email when your order has been sent and when it has been delivered.



 How long does it take to get my order and how much does it cost to send it to Latvia?

We have different shipping methods. Shipments will be sent by regular courier or by air express courier.

Depending on the country of reside and the weight of the whole order, the price to pay for the transport may vary. In terms of time, there are 4 zones delimited according to the delivery country. If it is sent by regular courier, the transit time will vary according to the country. However, if it is sent by express, the transit time will be 24-48 hours. See shipping rates and times to Latvia here.

How much does it cost to send a pack with ham to Latvia Ibérico and gourmet products?

If you want to send a pack of products with ham, sausage, Ibérico chorizo, cans or other gourmet products, the shipping price may vary depending on the weight of the parcel and the country of destination. 

How do I know that the transport of my order is safe?

We ensure the transportation of your purchase with the leading national and international courier companies to ensure the best delivery service. In addition, once your order leaves our facilities, we will provide you with the tracking for you to know how and where is the parcel.

What do I need to export an Ibérico ham to Latvia?  send hams packs Latvia

You don't need any additional papers to buy and send your ham or gourmet products to Latvia. We are a member of the European Economic Community, so exporting is easy and approachable. If you have VAT numberyou are company (of the sector) and you want to purchase without VAT, contact us.

Buy and send other gourmet products to Latvia

With more than 30 years of experience selling Ibérico and Serrano hams, we suggest bringing our exceptional products to your home.

If you live far from Spain and want to receive ham, Ibérico products, oil, selected cans, cecina de León, manchego cheese... your purchase on the Internet is at Jamonarium.com, the gourmet and ibérico hams store first class quality. We make personalized tracking of your order and we offer a direct contact via phone, chat or email. Contact us.

See catalogue with our products.

I want to send Ibérico and Serrano hams to Latvia

Whether you're away from Spain or want to send ibérico and other gourmet products to family or friends , in our online store you will find a variety of the best quality products.

Send pata negra, serrano & Bellota ham to Latvia

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