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The Lobster pate by Agromar is a creamy and tasty pate for appetizers and tapas. It has a high content of lobster, more than 40%. We recommend to serve chilled on thin toast and with white wine from Rias Baixas Ingredients: lobster (40%), hake, lobster fish stock, margarine, milk, eggs, brandy, natural spices and salt. Net weight: 100gr.

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The Agromar common Scallop (Vieira) paté is a delicious appetizer with the best seafood and fish from the Bay of Biscay. Soft texture and intense scallops flavor. We recommend spreading on toast bread and serve with white wine Rias Baixas Ingredients: scallops, hake, margarine, milk, eggs, sherry, salt and natural spices. Net weight:100gr.

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The Spider crab pate 100g is a delicious snack made with ingredients selected by Agromar. We recommend serving the pate chilled on a thin toast with smoked salmon or anchovy. Ingredients: Spider crab (50 %), hake, vegetable margarine, milk, eggs, tomato, sherry, natural spices and salt. Net weight:100gr.

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Agromar sea urchin caviar is made of sea urchin roe and a little of salt, nothing else. Its taste is a wild marine mouthful from our Cantabrian coast. The sea urchin roe are collected at the cliffs, rocks and ocean depths of the Cantabrian sea coast. Sea urchins require a thorough and painstaking selection. Roe is very carefully extracted by hand and...

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The Albacore Tuna with cider  is a delicious prepared dish which aims to rescue this traditional dish from the asturian gastronomy. This product is a true delicacy up to the most demanding palates, it is well known and has great popularity all over the spanis geography. We recommend: Enjoy the Albacore Tuna with cider as an appetizer or starter, accompany...

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The Beans with Clams from Agromar is a excellent prepared dish up to the most demanding palates, this traditional recipe from the Asturian Gastronomy is a real gastronomic treasure. We recommend: Enjoy the Albacore Tuna with cider as an appetizer or starter, accompany everything with a good white wine.Ingredients: Special Fabes farm (40%), cooking water,...

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The Agromar Peppers stuffed with Crab are one of the top rated dishes from the Asturian gastronomy. This product is made from selected piquillo peppers stuffed with crab from the Bay of Biscay, the elaboration process follows the traditional recipe using only fresh product in order to obtain always the best quality. We recommend: Enjoy the peppers stuffed...

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The peppers stuffed with albacore tuna are one of the best kept secrets from the traditional Asturian gastronomy, this product contains carefully selected peppers and top quality albacore tuna, the elaboration process follows the traditional recipe using only fresh product in order to obtain always the best result. We recommend: Enjoy the peppers stuffed...

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Sea Urchin Paté Agromar is a tasty paté, its fine texture gives a great acceptance to all tastes and great taste of sea urchin from Cantabria. Made with fresh products by fish Cantabrian specialists. We recommend serving cold on toast. Ingredients: sea urchin roe (50%), hake, vegetable margarine, milk, eggs and salt.

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The Smoked Salmon pate by Agromar is a creamy and tasty pate for appetizers and tapas. With high content of salmon.  Ingredients: smoked salmon (40%), fresh salmon, margarinevegetable, milk, eggs, spices and salt.We recommend to serve chilled on thin toast and with white wine from Rias Baixas.

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The Agromar scorpionfish pate is a tasty pate with a high content of scorpionfish (cabracho), more than 40%. Made with fresh fish from the bay of Biscay. We recommend to be served cold on thin toast. Also accompanying a hake fillet steamed. Ingredients: scorpionfish (40%), hake, tomato, margarine, vegetable, milk, eggs, sherry, spices, natural and salt....

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