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Bellota Iberian ham (sliced)

The sliced Iberian Bellota Spanish ham is presented in thin slices and vacuum-packed in 100gr sachets. This is the easiest way to eat a delicious ham. It can be stored up to 6 months in the fridge or in a cool place.     
Intense flavour and an incredible aroma.
Sold in a 100gr sachet. Minimum: two units.

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Bellota Iberian Spanish ham (sliced)


Iberico Bellota pata negra Spanish ham slicedIberian Bellota pata negra Spanish ham sliced


Origin : Extremadura

Breed: Iberian

Curing: Plus than 36 months.

Diet : Fed with acorns. Top quality ham certified.

Production: The traditional curing process provides a natural cellar aroma and a unique delicate taste.

Part of the pig:Hind leg.

Vacuum-packed: The product is cut at the right time and vacuum-packed immediately to preserve its flavour and aroma. We recommend opening the envelope 15 minutes before serving it at room temperature.

Taste: Intense flavour and incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.

Health : rich in protein, B vitamins and oleic acid (good cholesterol producer). Very low in calories (95cal per 50g), an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, 100% healthy.

Curiosities: The texture of the fat is homogeneous and creamy. If we take a small amount of fat between two fingers and rubbed it melts easily.


Presentation - Sliced products

The product will be cut just before being vacuum-packed for shipping so that it retains its original quality, aroma and flavour.

Presentation of the iberian pata negra bellota ham sliced

We cut it and vacuum-pack it:

  • The product is cut into thin slices just when the order arrives.
  • Vacuum-packed in 100gr packs just after it’s being cut.
  • This process protects the product and retains all its quality of taste and freshness.
  • The packs are shipped inside a small box with a safety strap for security.

This presentation allows you to eat delicious products sliced and with all their aroma and flavour.

We recommend you to take the product out of the plastic bag 15 minutes before eating it. The vacuum-packed products we sell can be stored in the fridge for 6 months. Please check the expiry date of each product.

Shipping information

shipping information jamonarium

Once you have confirmed your order, it will be prepared and sent via courier. Delivery date and shipping costs depend on destination and weight.

During the process you will receive detailed information by e-mail about the status of your order.

Please see more information about shipping:

All items are insured during the delivery. This means that any damage or loss of product is covered.

Parts of the Ham

iberian pata negra bellota ham jamon iberico

The different parts of the ham provide different degrees of curing and different types of slices.

  • [1] La Maza : The largest part of the ham and the tastiest.
  • [2] La Babilla o Contramaza: behind the hoof. It is narrower and cured because it has less fat. We recommend you to start cutting here because it won’t be too much dry as if you left it to the end.
  • [3] El Codillo: It is the more fibrous part of the whole piece.
  • [4] La Punta: totally opposed to the hoof. It is very tasty and has a nice level of fat.
  • [5] La Caña: The closest part to the hoof. Being also very fibrous, this part is usually cut in small cubs. This form provides different flavour and texture.

The Pata Negra, Spanish Iberian

pata negra, iberian iberico spanish bellota ham jamón

The term “Pata Negra” refers to the Spanish Iberian breed. The reason is that the black hoof most Iberian pigs have, “pata negra” means black paw. Nowadays the label "pata negra" is also used as a distinction of gourmet products.

However, not all Iberian hams have black hoof and not all the hams which have black hoof are Iberian hams.

The different branches of the Iberian breed pigs may have hoofs not always black. We can find red Iberian pigs or stained Iberian pigs which can have clear or light hoof.


By (Split, Croatia) on 16 June 2016 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

amazing good

The product are amazing good. The best is of course Jamon Iberico Bellota.
My opinion is that you are really professional , from shipping side to the products side.Very simple to buy it via Web , and delivery time,tracking etc is as described on your web.
Definitely i will recommend you to my friends.

By (Chens-sur-Leman, France (mainland)) on 27 Jan. 2016 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

Han sido tan buenos que ya no hay nada...

Los diferentes jamones, han sido tan buenos que ya no hay nada...le hemos comido todos con delicia! Los turrones estaban especialmente deliciosos (tanto los de aceito como los otros).

By (VERTOU, France (mainland)) on 27 Jan. 2016 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

est excellent

je suis contente des produits que j'ai achetés dernièrement . Nous avons beaucoup aimé le jambon Bellota qui est excellent .

By (Brunstatt, France (mainland)) on 07 Dec. 2015 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

sont très bon

Vos produits sont très bon et notamment les chorizos et jambon en tranche (36 mois).

By (Lagos, Portugal) on 24 Nov. 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

Hams: all very good

Hams: all very good, and well priced in their quality levels

By (Bruxelles, Belgium) on 08 Oct. 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

Très bonne qualité!

Très bonne qualité, le jambon entier Serano était délicieux
Le service était parfait, j’ai reçu mon colis 3jours après l’avoir commandé, très utile le lien pour suivre le colis, je vous recommanderais certainement.

By (Bucarest, Romania) on 16 July 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :


Muy buena calidad. Es la cuarta vez que compro y siempre recomiendo Jamonarium

By (Bagno a Ripoli, Italy (peninsula)) on 16 July 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

Muy bueno!

Product and service have been very good. Regards E.K

By (Poitiers, France (mainland)) on 14 Jan. 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :

Très bons

Très bons. Coupés très finement, beaucoup de goût !
Oui je recommanderai. Le service est rapide, l'emballage parfait et les mets excellents.

By (Vallentigny, France (mainland)) on 10 Jan. 2014 (Bellota Iberian ham (sliced) ) :



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