16 jul, 2018

Wie kann ich Iberischen und Serrano Schinken im Sommer behalten?

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To preserve our ibérico bellota and pata negra hams and shoulders in summeris easier than it seems. By following those simple tips, it will be easier than ever to preserve your ibérico ham, with bone or boneless.

Here some useful specifications of preservation: 

How to cover the surface cut

There are different versions about how can we cover the surface cut of the whole ham. Here we show the three most used options:

  • Cover the surface cut with fat: During summer, it is adviceable to cover the surface cut so the ham naturally keeps humidity and juiciness because hams tends to dry up easily because of the hot.

  • Cover the cut with a kitchen towel: It is also recommended to cover it with a lint free kitchen towel in order to avoid direct contact with air and drying up easily.

  • Cover the cut with cling film: Sometimes surface cuts are covered using cling film. This may be an option in case of living in a dry place. However, we don't recommend it because ham cannot breathe properly.

how preserve iberico serrano ham summer

Where should we place the ham

In this section we are describing the best places to place the ham.

  • If you are not going to start your piece, keep it in a cool place as a lumber room or a private garage would be perfect. Hams should be kept somewhere not directly exposed to sunlight. A garage if you live in a house, or a lumber room is a cool place away from high temperatures.

  • A storeroom or a cool stock. It is better to hang the ham, as it will breathe. It may drip some fat, but this is something normal. If it happens, just place a plate under the piece in order no to stain or cover it using a kitchen towel or a cotton bag.

  • In the kitchen, away from stoves and ovens. Due to the kitchen is normally one of the cooler places of the house, is the perfect place to preserve it. Avoid placing the piece close to stoves and ovens because of the hot and try to place away from direct sunlight.

With those useful instructions, you will always enjoy your ibérico ham in perfect conditions during summer, as ham and summer can match perfectly. Enjoy iberico hams whenever!

To know more information about how to preserve serrano and iberico ham, here


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