Casa Riera Ordeix

Casa Riera Ordeix 

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The Sausage from Vic cular extra of Casa Riera Ordeix is a sausage carefully cured and made following the tradition from centuries ago, obtaining the best sausage of Vic. The creation of the recipe of this unique sausage, which has Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) recognition from 2002, has a manufacturing longer history than 160 years. The meat...

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The bud Fuet of Vic Casa Riera Ordeix is a cured sausage elaborated as it was done centuries ago, following the tradition of the best bud fuet of Vic and choosing the highest quality pork meat. It is a fuet of exceptional quality and outstanding aroma and flavour. With intense flavor and elaborated with natural products, this fuet of Vic is made and dried...

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The Saussage of Vic Casa Riera Ordeix is a cured sausage and made following the tradition of the best Saussage of Vic, equally made using the same procedures used centuries ago. The recipe and the elaboration of this unique saussage in the world, which as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2002, has more than 160 years history. The meat used...

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