1. What is Club Jamonarium?

Club Jamonarium is an exclusive club for all those Spanish ham and gourmet products lovers.

It is necessary to register to access all the promotions and advantages from Club Jamonarium. It is very easy, you just need to fill out this form here with Email, name, birthday, language and country.

We send a maximum of two emails per month and you can unsubscribe any time.

 2. How to become a member of Club Jamonarium?

You just have to fill this form. You will receive more information and all the exclusive promotions from Jamonarium.com by e-mail.

3. What advantages do the members of Club Jamonarium have?

By being a member of Club Jamonarium, we offer an incredible list of exclusive advantages:

Promotions on ham or other products from the online shop

Non-catalog products, exclusive for members

Special gifts for members

Contents, videos, downloadable and many other surprises.

Come utilizzare uno sconto del club Jamonarium?

1- Accedi con il tuo account Jamonarium
2- Aggiungi i prodotti al carrello.
3- Una volta che abbiamo i prodotti nel carrello, inseriamo il codice e facciamo clic su "Ok".
4- Finalizza il pagamento.

4. Who are Club Jamonarium?

Club Jamonarium is Jamonarium.

We have created this club for lovers of the best gastronomy and to be able to offer our most loyal customers special advantages and promotions.

We are experts in Spanish ham and gourmet products for more than 40 years.

We like to share our products and make proposals, so that our clients and friends discover our delicious findings.


5. Modulo di registrazione dell'iscrizione al CLUB Jamonarium