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Un vino facile, fruttato, potente. Garnacha, Samsó, Merlot e Cabernet Sauvignon   Vino giovane  D.O. Empordà   14% Pasta, carne rossa, pesce azzurro

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Vino fresco, con un finale che invita a continuare a bere.  Garnacha blanca y Macabeo   Vino giovane  D.O. Empordà   12%  Frutti di mare, pesce, prosciutto ghianda, formaggi, paté.

3,93 €

Graceful with notes of red fruit, and long and smooth ending  Garnatxa negra, Cabernet saj, Cariñena, mazuelo  Young wine without ageing   D.O. Empordà   13   Rice, pasta, meat, semi-cured cheese

3,47 €

Young, dynamic and intense wine, well-balanced Cariñena, mazuelo, cab. san, merlot, cab. franc   5 months vintage wine in new french, romanian and hungarian barrels  D.O. Empordà   14,5  Red and roasted meat, cured cheese and ibérico bellota ham

7,69 €

Fresh and juicy wine, easy to drink   Granacha, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc   Young wine without ageing from 50 years old vineyards  D.O. Empordà  13,5  Starters, appetizers, meat, pasta

5,78 €

Fruity bouquet with notes of strawberry  Syrah, garnacha   9 months of ageing in French Oak barriques    D.O. Empordà  14,5  Red meat, mushroom, cheese

11,14 €
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