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Skewers of ham with pineapple and cheese

The blog "Mis Cosillas de Cocina" has written a recipe for Skewers of ham with pineapple and cheese with our envelopes of bellota Iberian ham. It is a very simple appetizer to prepare and refreshing for the hottest days. In the recipe, he suggests serving it with dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts.

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Instagram: @miscosillasdecocina

Spieße Schinken Jamonarium Ananas Käse

Iberian Bellota ham with green asparagus

The blog "La Cuina de la Dolors" suggest a recipe for Iberian Bellota ham with green asparagus, ideal for any lunch or dinner. To give it a different touch, he suggests adding a homemade dressing that is sure to be delicious.

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 Instagram: @dolorssmateu

Iberischer Eichelschinken Jamonarium grüner Spargel

Pasta with Broad Beans and Ham

The blog "La Cocinera de Bétulo" offers us this recipe for Pasta with Broad Beans and Ham, ideal for all audiences. He proposes to accompany this dish with Iberian de Cebo ham because of its fruity flavor, combined with parsley, it can give it a very different touch with respect to traditional pasta dishes.

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Rezept Mafaldas Bohnen Iberischer Schinken

Green bean cannelloni with Iberian ham and mango vinaigrette

The blog "Carmina en la Cocina" proposes us to make a recipe for Green bean cannelloni with Iberian ham and mango vinaigrette. This original recipe is inspired by the traditional recipe for green beans with ham, in which some elements have been changed and others added to give it an original touch. When assembled in cannelloni, this recipe acquires a touch that makes it perfect for any gathering of friends.

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Instagram: @carminaenlacocina

Cannelloni grüne Bohnen Iberischer Schinken

Olive sticks and sourdough nduja and Iberian loin

The blog "Nella Cucina di Teresa" offers us the recipe for Olive sticks and sourdough nduja and Iberian loin that is as delicious as it is original. In this recipe, elements of Spanish gastronomy such as Iberian loin are combined with elements of Italian gastronomy such as nduja, which is a typical sausage of Italian cuisine. A perfect recipe to serve as an snack or appetizer. In the blog, also suggests some other recipes for meat rolls, with beef and Iberian loin, raw pumpkin Parmigiana using bellota Iberian loin and sourdough mini focaccias using bellota Iberian loin.

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Instagram: @incucinadateresa

Olivenstangen mit Sauerteigfilet

Healthy recipes with Serrano ham

The blog "Come con salud" offers us several recipes with Iberian ham, which are also the healthiest. In the compilation Healthy recipes with Serrano ham, they propose several delicious recipes, simple to prepare and very healthy that can be made with Iberian or Serrano ham. For example, we have the case of artichokes with ham. It is a very simple dish to prepare and very rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Another wonderful idea is this legume salad with ham, to which we can add as many vegetables and legumes as we like.

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Hülsenfruchtsalat mit Schinken

Tricolor pasta with Iberian Bellota ham and mozzarella cheese

The "Cheap or Fresh" blog proposes the recipe for tricolor pasta with Iberian Bellota ham and mozzarella cheese. This dish aims to enhance as much as possible the Iberian Bellota ham that is used to make it, as well as being quick to prepare. We will only need tricolor vegetable pasta, Iberian Bellota ham, mozzarella cheese and the spices that we want to add.

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Instagram: @cheapofresh

dreifarbige iberische Schinken- und Mozzarella-Nudeln

Ravioli au gratin with vegetables

The blog "La Table de Clara" proposes the recipe for ravioli au gratin with vegetables in which Iberian products take on a special role. In this occasion, it is proposed that the filling of the ravioli be the Bellota Iberian loin, which will give it that fruity touch that bellota Iberian sausages have.

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Instagram: @la_table_de_clara

Iberisches Schweinelenden-Ravioli-Gemüse

Tapas with Iberian ham

From the blog "Recetteo" they propose several recipes with Iberian Bellota ham with the article Tapas with Iberian ham. These recipes that they propose are very simple to make and are perfect for any snack with friends. Among these recipes, the Iberian ham toasts should be highlighted, as it is one of the most emblematic tapas. They also propose to prepare delicious Iberian ham croquettes, they are always a success.

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Melon and ham appetizers

The blog "El toque de Belén" proposes a recipe for melon and ham appetizers that is the most original and perfect for the hottest months of the year. In this recipe, it should be noted that cantaloupe melon has been used, an Italian variety of melon whose interior is orange. The combination with Bellota Iberian ham is very interesting.

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Instagram: @el.toque.de.belen

melón cantalupo jamón ibérico bellota

Spanish stew with chicken and chorizo

The blog "Where is my spoon" proposes the most complete recipe for a Spanish stew with chicken and chorizo. Although this stew has Romanian origin, he proposes to make it with Iberian chorizo because it gives it a tasty and spicy touch that combines very well with this recipe.

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Instagram: @where_ismy_spoon

Albondigas con jamón

The blog "Las recetas de Tere" offers us a thousand and one ways to cook Iberian ham. In this post, he proposes several ways to cook Iberian ham, as well as some recipes that can be made with Iberian ham and they are delicious. Among these recipes are the Iberian ham meatballs, risotto with ham and ham bows.

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Instagram: @tererecetas

Möglichkeiten, Iberico Serrano Schinken zu nehmen

Guisantes con jamón

The ham cutter chema herrero proposes this recipe for peas with ham. This recipe is very simple to prepare, as well as being very complete and delicious.

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Instagram: @chemaherrero_maitre_cortador

Erbsen mit Schinken

Black bean meat stew

The blog "only gluten free recipes" proposes the recipe Black bean meat stew. This is a typical dish from Portugal and Brazil, made from black beans, beef or pork. In this recipe, it is proposed to add chorizo as it gives a lot of flavor and consistency to the dish.

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Instagram: @only.glutenfree.recipes

Chorizo-Eintopffleisch mit schwarzen Bohnen

Potato omelette

From the portal "MangezPlus.com" they propose us a wonderful potato omelette recipe. In this portal, they propose to add paprika de la vera, which can give it a very original spicy touch that will make the omelette a very different dish. As proposed in the recipe, you can add countless products such as chorizo, pepper or chilli to make this omelette an even more special dish.

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Kartoffelomelett Pimenton de la Vera

Boiled artisan ham with paprika from la vera

From the "Contar Proteinas" portal they propose the recipe for boiled artisan ham with paprika from la vera. In this very healthy recipe it is proposed to add different types of paprika from the vera to add a touch of flavor, just as it is recommended that the ham be taquitos.

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Cheese triangles

Beatriz from Ireland proposes a delicious and original recipe. On this occasion, she has used puff pastry, cheese of any type, loin, olives and mushrooms, tomatoes and pesto sauce. We cut the puff pastry the triangles and cover them with the cheese that we like the most. We slice the loin into very thin slices and spread olives, mushrooms and onion over the cheese. Once everything is assembled, we close the corners and sides and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Beatriz suggests that we serve it with pesto sauce and tomatoes. Delicious!

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Käsedreiecke Irland

Wheat Flour Crescentia with Iberian Loin

The blog La Ricette de la Nonna offers us a recipe for Wheat Flour Crescentia with Iberian Loin that is absolutely delicious. Crescentias are typical Italian rolls, which combined with the 50% Iberian Bellota loin makes it the perfect appetizer, as well as being very easy to prepare.

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Crescentia integrale iberische Eichellende