Foldable Ham Holder Mod. Duero


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The foldable Ham Holder Mod. Duero is the ideal tool for ham enthusiasts. This ham holder has all the features expected, its base is wide and made of solid wood with non-slip surface to provide great stability. 

This ham holder incorporates a rotating grip sistem which allows to adapt the hamholder to various positions making it realy easy to turn the Ham or Ham Shoulder. Its design allows to fold the metal body in order to transport or keep it easily and safely.

Weight: 4 kg.

Core thickness 3.5 cm.

Facing Length 60 cm.

Base width 23 cm.

57,19 €

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MAX C. auf 28.09.2018

déjà cassé mala qalidad


Bonjour Max, Merci de votre avis. Si votre support a cassé pour un défaut de fabrication ou des pièces je vous en prie de nous envoyé un Mail avec des photos et une explication du problème. Nous cherchera une solution. Cordialement.

Hello Max, Thank you for your opinion. If your support has broken for a manufacturing defect or parts please send us an email with photos and an explanation of the problem. We will seek a solution. Cordially.

Amandine B. auf 09.01.2018RAS tout simplement classe
Very nice
jean pierre k. auf 14.09.2017

Some marks on the wooden part due to the transport I guess.

Jamonero excelente!
Manuel R. auf 07.06.20175*

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