Anchovies Ortiz in olive oil 450g Serie Oro 67-75 units


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Those anchovies Ortiz in olive oil (67-75 units) has been catched in the Cantabrian Sea one by one, knife fillet and carefully canned in order to keep its original taste and aroma and beeing able to enjoy it as they has been already catched. Thanks to this and to its maturation period, we can get its intense and unique taste.

We advice to serve those anchovies like a snack with bread or in salad, with tomato, mozzarella cheese and flavoured with extra virgin olive oil, salt and parsley.

Ingredients: anchovies, olive oil and salt.

Size: RO-550

Net weight: 450gr.

Drained weight: 300 gr.

Sold in 6 units boxes

37,84 €

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Capt.Tomislav Sevar
Tomislav S. auf 17.12.2018Anchovies are very tasty and excellent quality

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