Flor de Guadamur semi-sec (brevis, cow, goat) (portion)


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The cheese Flor de Guadamur is made with pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep and comes from Toledo.

Approximative weight per portion: 220 gr.

3,75 €

17.72 €/kg

Data sheet

Origin Toledo (Spain)
Price per kilo 17.72 €/kg
Manufacturer LACTEAS TOLEDO, S.L.
Ingredients Pasteurized cow's milk (min 50%), Goat (10% min) and sheep (10% min), salt, calcium chloride, egg lysozoma, rennet, lactic cultures. In rind: preservatives E-202, E-235, colorant E-172.
Nutritional values Energy values: 1588 kJ / 379 Kcal, Proteins 23 g., Carbs 0.2 g., Fat 32.5 g.
Allergens & co Milk and derivatives, Egg and derivatives
Kind of milk Goat, cow and sheep milk
weight 220 gr.
Presentation Vacuum packed

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