About the Spanish ham: Serrano, Iberico, Bellota, Pata negra

Information about the Spanish ham, the iberian called "Pata negra" and the Serrano. You'll fins curiosities about the breeding of the tipiccal race of Spain, the iberian pig which is called Pata negra because of its black hoof. For further questions contact us here.

Check the different parts of the Spanish ham. You know which is the part more juicy? Or what about the best part to cut the at the end not to dry? What are those white spots in the Bellota iberan ham?

How to buy a good Spanish ham online? : Clarify all your questions about how to purchase a Pata negra ham on the Internet, how to pay, the shipping proces, the delivery, etc

Olive oil, the green gold from Spain

Comrpar aceite de oliva viergen extra online InternetThe quality of the Spanish extra virgin olive oil is a big unknown in Europe. The different varieties of olives and the procedures to make the extra virgin olive oil, makes the olive oil a southern Europe treasure.

Each variety of olive (Arbequina, Picual, Manzanilla, Cornicabra, Picuda, Hojiblanca, etc) produces olive oil with completely different aromas and flavors.

How to purchase Spanish extra virgin olive oil online? You can select your variety of olive oil, depending on the use, packaging or price. Either way you choose, in Jamonarium you will find the best Spanish olive oil online.

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    The cured sheep cheese Don Berrio produced with raw sheep's milk and aged for 12 months.Yellowish paste overwhelming and intense flavor and characteristic of sheep milk and its long maturation.We recommend cured sheep cheese Don Berrio for preparing cheese tables. It is also perfect for tapas and appetizers accompanied by a good red wine.Denomination of...

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    The Iberian Bellota ham from Salamanca is a ham of the highest quality with a 3-year curing time. These hams are cured in the area of Guijuelo, Salamanca, where the characteristic climate makes hams of mild flavor, slightly sweet and fruity aromas. Their meat has colours from deep red color to pinkish. Fat is transparent white, with creamy texture and...

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    The Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca is a high quality shoulder with a 2 year curing time. These shoulder hams are cured in the area of Guijuelo, Salamanca, where the characteristic climate makes hams of mild flavor, slightly sweet and fruity aromas. Their meat has colours from deep red color to pinkish. Fat is transparent white, with creamy...

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    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oro del Desierto is an exceptional organic olive oil. This Olive oil has been produced with olives from a ecological cultivation in order to produce top quality organic olive oil.  Furthermore this olive oil has been obtained directly form olives by mechanical methods with a mechanical extraction process with controlled...

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    The Asparagus la Huerta de la Vera (thick) are a fine conserve of selected white asparagus grown in Extremadura. This asparagus from la Huerta de la Vera are a delicious food with a high nutritional value which are perfect for any season of the year. The Asparagus are harvested from March to June and are processed immediately in order to obtain the...

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    The Iberian Bellota Shoulder ham 100% Summun DO Huelva is a ham of the highest quality with more than  2 years curing time. These shoulders are cured in the area of Jabugo, Huelva, where the warmer summer makes hams of strong flavor and juicy texture. Their meat has colours from deep red color and transparent white fat.The "caña" is thin and fat...

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    Green olives Mas Tarrés are distinguished by their flavor and aroma. They are carried out through a process of maceration with herbs, salt and water. We recommend green olives Mas Tarrés to eat as an aperitif, also served with salads and specific cold dishes. Origin: Tarragona-Catalonia. Capacity: 450gr. Packaging: Glass jar.

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    The Mussels in escabeche Dardo come exclusively from "Galician Rias" (Galicia). Each can contains between 8 and 12 mussels. This food is very popular in the Mediterranean culture, mussels from Galicia contain a high amount of minerals and micronutrients. All Mussels were selected by hand and fried in olive oil. (The peak months for collecting mussels goes...

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    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Venta del Barón (included in the PDO Priego de Córdoba) is a among the best Olives Oils of the World. This Olive Oil has received more than 60 awards in 8 different countries, some of the Best Chefs in the World use it in a regular basis for their Restaurants. We recommend this extraordinary olive oil for Premium olive oil...

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    Very balanced, complex and persistent. Delicate and well built.  Tempranillo 80%, Mazuelo 15%, Graciano 5%   Aged for 24 to 30 months in American oak barrels. And in bottle for at least 12 months.   2009  D.O. Ca.Rioja   13,5%  Peñin: 89  Starters, Ham and cold meats, Cheese, Hard cheese.

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    Professional ham holder. Adjustable height arm, rotating capacity and sliding V to hold the bottom part. Allows to cut the ham in horizontal or vertical position. Adapted to all sizes of ham.Minimal and useful design. Lacquered wood with nontoxic products. Very hard pine wood. Len: 60cm. Wid: 23cm. Height: 29-39cm. Weight: 5.7 Kg See all the ham holders

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    Whole iberian cebo shoulder ham cut into slices. Comfortable and ideal format to avoid having to cut, just open the bag and eat! The Iberian shoulder ham (cebo ) is the foreleg of an Iberian pig raised in the pastures during its last stage and fed with natural compound feed and grass. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 18...

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