Sers Primer joven 2010, D.O. Somontano (3 botellas) Vergrößern

Sers Primer jungere Rotwein, g.U. Somontano

Agile wine. Ripe and succulent black fruit. Good acidity. Nice finish and spicy. Combination of aromas with slight shades of violet flower, very aromatic spices.

1.jpg Syrah 100%

1.jpg  Young wine. Limited production of 4996 bottles

1.jpg D.O. Somontano

1.jpg  14%

1.jpg  Peñin: 87

1.jpg Rice with meat, Meats, Chocolate, Cold meat, Duck ham, Grilled vegetables, Pasta with meat sauce, Soft and semi-soft cheese.

6,57 €


  • 2016


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