Bluefin tuna back in olive oil Herpac 320gr.


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This bluefin tuna back in olive oil from Herpac is an excellent gourmet quality canned tuna (also known as Thunnus Thynnus). Olive oil and sea salt are added so all its substance will be preserved.

We advice serving this bluefin tuna back in salads or toasts with natural tomato, a spread of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Net weight: 320 gr.

Drained weight: 250 gr

13,66 €

FabbricanteSalazones Herpac S.L.
ingredientilombo di tonno rosso (Thunnus thynnus), olio d'oliva e sale
Valori nutrizionaliValore energetico (calorie) 609.1Kj / 144.2Kcal; Grassi saturi 3% 0,79%; carboidrati con meno dello 0,10% di zuccheri meno dello 0,10%; 29,3% di proteine; sale 1,5%

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