Joselito, the best ham in the world?

Joselito, the best ham in the world?

We could say that part of its success lies in the obsession of its owner, whose factory is based in Guijuelo, in producing the best hams in the world with the best fat that can be found.

For this, he lovingly cares for the producing pigs, around 45,000 that have three hectares of trees in southern Spain, to be raised freely. In this natural and relaxed environment, the animal fattens.

Subsequently, it goes to its dryers and cellars, which have more than 1,000 windows to guarantee proper ventilation and where it will remain for about 3 years until it reaches its ideal point of maturation.

In addition to measuring the entire process in detail, as a brand it also promotes a lot of research from its laboratories and from universities to encourage the study of the innumerable benefits of ham.

This dedication and confidence in its product is undoubtedly what has managed to position the Joselito brand throughout the world.

What is enough to be considered the best brand of Iberian ham?

From Jamonarium we think that it is not enough to be so categorical. Of course, we think Joselito Hams are undoubtedly exceptional hams. In our opinion, its taste is comparable to a good Cinco Jotas Iberico ham or one of our own Jamonarium pieces.

It must be taken into account that the care and attention paid by all the companies that surround the world of ham is maximum. A firm commitment to offer a product of the highest quality that does not disappoint the consumer.

For this reason, the next time they tell you that Joselito Hams are the best in the world, tell them about Jamonarium... and we will take care of offering a wide range of alternatives and good Iberian hams. Then, let each one decide.

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