How to pair the chorizo, sausage or loin correctly?


We have already talked about how to pair the Iberian ham, and there are certain drinks that will help extol all the nuances of flavor that this delicacy may offer us. Well, today it's the turn for the rest of sausages. If you want to know how to properly combine chorizo, sausage or loin, read on. Let’s start!


  • Sausages with pepper base (Salchichón, Fuet): Made from lean pork and bacon, although we can also find sausage with beef, wild boar, venison ..., all are seasoned with salt and pepper. Its intensity of flavor is high, but not greater than that of paprika. We must take into account that they combine better with structured red wines and astringency, (high in tannins), as they will help to clean the fat after each bite. If you are not a wine wise, a trick to help recognize a wine with high astringency is that when tasting it leaves a feeling of dryness, roughness and bitterness in the mouth.

As for the aroma, choose spicy aromas such as that provided by the Garnacha grape or a Cabernet Franc, choosing less a Tempranillo with aging. If you are more of exotic tastes, you can try the Zinfandel variety.

  • Sausages based on paprika (Chorizo): Made from minced pork and spices, mainly paprika, which gives it its characteristic red color and slightly spicy flavor. In this case, the paprika reduces the unctuous sensation of fat somehow, and therefore, we can choose soft and fruity wines. The Shiraz grape, or the Merlot are magnificent options.

  • Loin: It is a derivative of pork that also receives paprika among its ingredients. It stands out for a lower presence of fat, standing between the ham and the chorizo ​​because of its texture and intensity of flavor. The pairing will also be located on average. The Tempranillos with aging are perfect for this pairing.

Although we have given some recommendations that will help you taste all the flavors that these sausages offer you, they are only recommendations. As always, the last word is yours, and your tastes and preferences should always go ahead.

See you in the next post!

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