Soushed yellowfin tuna Yurrita - 112gr


The soushed yellowfin tuna Yurrita is a delicious product obtained from the yellowfish, also well-known as “Yellow Fin or Thunnus Albacares”. The size of those fishes may exceed the 230 cm long and 200kg. Its meat is firm and light brown coloured.

We advice to consume it at ambient temperatura, perfect for salads and appetizer with grilled or fresh bread slices.

Net weight: 112gr.

Grained weight: 72 gr.

2,68 €

FabbricanteYurrita e Hijos S.A.
ingredientitonno leggero (thunnus albacares), aceto di vino, olio di semi di girasole, sale
Valori nutrizionaliValore energetico (calorie) 1162Kj / 279Kcal; 20,6 g di grassi saturi 3 g; carboidrati 0,2 g di zuccheri inferiori a 0,2 g; 23,2 g di proteine; sale 1,3 g

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