Ribeira natural clams 20/30


Those Ribeira natural clams come from Galician estuaries, which guarantee a unique flavour and a high-quality product. Those clams have been treated with a process which eliminate sand remains and keeps its flavour.

We recommend consuming it as appetizer with a jet of lemon or in a seafood salad.

Net weight: 111 gr.

Drained weight: 63 gr.

4,00 €

FabbricanteFrinsa del Noroeste S.A.
ingredientivongole, acqua e sale
Valori nutrizionaliValore energetico 213Kj / 50Kcal; 0,7 g di grassi saturi 0,2 g; 0 g di carboidrati 0 g di zuccheri; fibra alimentare 0 g; 11 g di proteine; sale 1,5 g
Allergeni e cosanze gluteni

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