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(Paris, France)
Très bonne, excellente opinion. Les videos sont très utiles. Les descriptions des produits sont simples mais complètes donc utiles. Les produits livrés sont conformes à leur description. Pour conclure, service irréprochable, j'ai déjà recommandé votre site à mes amis. Au plaisir de commander de nouveau chez vous prochainement.
Bernard P.08/03/2014
(Erfurt, Alemania)
I´m happy to tell you that we have received the delivery last Friday, January 22. Everything was ok. We´ve already tried the chorizo iberico extra and 3 pieces of cheese ... hmmmm yummi. Looking forward ordering somemore. Until than. Best regards.
Hans-Jürgen P.27/01/2016
(Brezovica Pri Ljubljani/Vnanje Gorice, Eslovenia)
Products are great, i will order it again. yes i would recommend, was satisfied with delivery, very fast.
Matjaz P.07/03/2014
(Philippeville, Belgium)
ok pour la livraison , et bravo pour la rapidité je suis très satisfait bien a vous
Bernard P.20/02/2014
(Talence, France)
J'ai été très satisfait.Je recommanderais Jamonarium
Clement C.19/02/2014
(London, UK)
I'm very happy with the ham which is delicious. I'm happy with the speed of delivery and would definitely recommend you.
Maureen R.13/02/2014
(Rochefort En Yvelines, France)
Très bien, je reviendrai très bonneà recommander sans hésitation
Olivier M.12/02/2014
( Bruselas,Belgium)
Excelente ! Estoy encantada y ya os he recomendado a mis amistades.
Carlos L.04/02/2014
Very good flavour but around 40% fat content, excessive even for a Pata Negra Belotta, so not very good value. Perhaps you could recommend something with less fat? The communications received were excellent and personal and the delivery reasonably fast.
Kenneth B.04/02/2014
(Brno, Czech Republic)
Hello,thank you very much, the ham is truly excellent. I´m not on facebook or twiter, but I´ll recommend jamonarium.com to all of my friends. Once again thank you for your products, service, packaging, transport - all was perfect. Best regards.
Petra O.04/02/2014
(Huttenheim, France)
Nous sommes très satisfait bonne opinion Et je recommanderais aux amis et connaissance
Francine F.17/01/2014
(Strombeek-bever, Belgium)
The jamon is delicious ! Delivery excellent. Thank you.
Ann R.17/01/2014
(Turku, Finland)
Jamonarium is a good shop and the service worked well. The chat is a good thing and one reason why I placed the order at your place. Swift response to questions is important. I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking to order jamón online.
Taneli V.17/01/2014
(Nevers, France)
Bellota ham and chorizo and salchicon excellent- we looked at 7 brands before we settled on yours.
andrew d.16/01/2014
(Reggio Calabria, Italy)
El queso está delicioso y la paleta también. Además llegaron en perfectas condiciones y con muy buena presentación. Repetiré sin duda. Ya lo he recomendado a todos los que he podido y seguiré haciéndolo. Lo que me convenció definitivamente fué la información telefónica que me ofrecieron, el tiempo, el trato...muy profesionales. Sin duda solicitaré más pedidos en un futuro no lejano.
Sebastian L.16/01/2014
(London, UK)
I was very pleased with the products I bought and would certainly recommend Jamonarium! Regards,Mark
Mark B.16/01/2014
(Bohal, France)
rien à dire, à l’unanimité bonne/ oui
Gregory G.16/01/2014
(Palma De Mallorca, Spain)
Muy bien, tal como los esperaba Es la primera vez que compró en jamonarium y sí les recomendaría
Áurea S.16/01/2014
(Charlottenlund, Denmark)
100% satisfied.
Per H.16/01/2014
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)
The product (jamon) was exquisite and reached our expectations. We were very pleased with the service - prompt response, fast shipment.  The only comment or recommendation/expectation -  a small discount at the next shipment.
Ana G.16/01/2014
(Oulu, Finland)
I was in poor timing, even had to change ups service level to express saver to get it for chrirstmas. If we concider that, you managed quite well: I received the leg day before christmas.
Jukka T.16/01/2014
(Hacketstown Co Carlow, Irland)
We really liked the ham - it was better than what we have purchased wlsewhere in the past
Mrs Sandra G.16/01/2014
(Poitiers, France)
Très bons. Coupés très finement, beaucoup de goût ! Oui je recommanderai. Le service est rapide, l'emballage parfait et les mets excellents.
Grégory P.14/01/2014
(Gentofte, Denmark)
Excellent! Convenient and reliable. In the few cases of doubt during the 3 years I have been a customer, I have received a prompt and clear reply on e-mail. I have already recommended you to friends and colleagues in several countries. Great way to get a Bellota ham and a Manchego cheese across Europe and right to the door step in a few days. Best regards Lars B.
Lars B.12/01/2014
(Frederiksberg, Denmark)
Excellent, even better than the ones I bought back from BCN when I visited last time. Excellent, fast delivery and easy to use web.
Tak C.12/01/2014
(Vila Nova De Famalicão, Portugal)
Very good quality. Excellent I might say Fast delivery, as promised. Very good presentation of the ham. For sure will buy again and recomend your shop
Ângela T.11/01/2014
Rafael M.10/01/2014
(Milano, Italy)
I liked them a lot. I brought them to my office and they were much appreciated too! I made a good comment on Jamonarium.com on my Facebook page and I recomended you to my colleagues and friends.
Guido Mario S.10/01/2014
(Blanden, Belgium)
Me gustaron mucho los productos, aunque el vino no lo he probado porque fue un regalo. Hay una cosa que me hubiese gustado encontrar: buen aceite de oliva, es una de las cosas que los espanoles que vivimos fuera echamos mas de menos, si en contrase botellas de buen aceite de oliva espanol por 7 euros, le hubiese comprado unas cuantas, teniendo en cuenta que aqui pago 5 euros por un producto de calidad media-baja. Espero que mi opinion pueda serles de utilidad.
Walter K.10/01/2014
(Surry, UK)
Excellent service, you kept me posted all the way, packaging great and product very good! 10/10
Val & Peter J.09/01/2014
(Barcelona, Spain)
La paletilla estaba bona, Cada any repetim, per tan tus recomanaria
Francesc J.09/01/2014
(Virum, Denmark)
We have been highly satisfied and are still enjoying the ham we bought.
Ole K.09/01/2014
(Gainsborough, UK)
Excellent, Great to buy from.
Alfred R.09/01/2014
(Pierres, France)
Bonjour, Pour vous indiquer que je suis très satisfait du jambon que vous m'avez livré, il est vraiment délicieux.La livraison est aussi très rapide.je recommanderais donc votre site. cordialement
Fabrice M.09/01/2014
(Mölndal, Sweden)
Very satisfied. This was my first buy and I am more than satisfied. The ham came ready to cut with very little fat. Very nice and very tasty! Thanks!
Andrés L.09/01/2014
(Perignac, France)
I am not an expert but it seems fine. Good flavour. Perhaps one side was a little dry and hard but the other side was moist and soft. I could give better feedback after one or two more purchases. Good service, fast delivery, reasonable prices.  Yes I would.  I am coming to Barcelona soon and will be visiting your store to try other hams to decide what we will purchase next time.
Geoff J.09/01/2014
(Exloo, The Netherlands)
The ham was very good! We enjoyed it very much, it brought us back to Spain..... Jamonarium.com is a very good webshop, it is easy to order goods, via mail we received information about the shipment.
Rien T.09/01/2014
(Montreal, France)
Bonjour, Nous avons bien reçu le jambon dans les temps, il est excellent! Merci encore. Julien.
Michel A.26/12/2013
(Sale, UK)
Thank you very much!jamon is very good indeed. Yours. Alexei
Alexei V.19/12/2013
( Neuilly Sur Seine, France)
Excellents produits et accesoires....Excellent. Je l'ai déjà recommandé à Monsieur Olivier GROLLEAU. Bonne Journée
Carlos S.16/12/2013
(Rambouillet, France)
Nous sommes très satisfait de la qualité du jambon réserva patta negra 8.5 kg, packaging optimal, goût extra !!!! Finement coupe il fond dans la bouche, famille et amis en redemandent. Il n'a rien a envié au jambon patta negra 5 jotas que nous avons goûté encore récemment, parfait !!! À bientôt pour une nouvelle commande. Le vin était excellent, nous allons en recommande.
José V.10/12/2013
(Bromely, UK)
Fantastic absolutely superb, great service. Regards, Terry.
Terry D.13/12/2009
(Bristol, UK)
Hi Alex.I received my order today and am very pleased with the professional way you conduct your business , from answering my questions very promptly to keeping me informed at every point of the way. I am looking forward to trying my ham and cheeses at christmas and will definitely recommend jamonarium to my friends and family. Many thanks Andrew
Andrew A.05/12/2013
(Zagreb, Croatia)
Thank you! La Bellota is fantastic!
Dean R.22/11/2013
(Somerset, UK)
Tim P.20/11/2013
(Bolzano, Italy)
Optimo,Envìo rapidìsimo. Seguramente os recomendarìa.
ARANTZA V.20/11/2013
The Netherlands
The products fit expectations perfectly. Service was perfect, I would recommend you gladly.
C K.20/11/2013
(Viena, Austria)
El producto es excelente y el servicio también. Agradezco que durante todo el proceso haya tenido la información necesaria sobre el seguimiento del producto. Soy muy selectiva cuando compro on-line, sólo lo hago si es la mejor alternativa o la única, y por supuesto, si económicamente me compensa. No conocía previamente Jamonarium, después de varias búsquedas en internet, me decidí por vuestra empresa y estoy, bueno, estamos todos muy contentos. Por supuesto que os recomendaría, y espero poder continuar comprando de nuevo.
Anna L.15/11/2013
(Montierchaume, France)
Trés bonne qualité, le support à jambon est super et bien stable, par contre c'est dommage en montant le support, j'ai rayé malencontreusement le bois car la piéce en métal sur la partie avant (avec la pointe pour tenir le jambon) a tourné quand j'ai serré l'ecrou par dessous; il faudrait peut-être prévoir 2 vis de fixation pour éviter que la partie métallique ne bouge et ne raye le bois. Les couteaux Arcos sont également de trés bonne qualité et la découpe du jambon devient une partie de plaisir. Le matériel semble trés robuste et de trés bonne facture et Jamonarium me parait être une société sérieuse, donc je recommanderai votre site à mon entourage
Philippe B.14/11/2013
(Namur, Belgium)
The packaging was nice. yesterday I have opened one of each and the children where more in favor of the serrano but my wife and our spanish friend (with a good knowledge of ham) enjoyed the campo cebo. we still have to taste the bellota.
Bruno D.14/11/2013
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