Pure sheep cured cheese Rosario Castaño - mini


Rosario Castaño Manchego-style cured cheese has been done with sheep raw milk. The ageing of this cheese lasts between 4 and 8 months, empowering the flavour of the sheep raw milk.

The rind is of a yellow orange-coloured or greyish, marked by the characteristic traditional esparto belt. The paste is solid of a yellowish colour, with little holes unequally distributed. Soft cheese and flavour.

We advice serving this Rosario Castaño cured cheese in high-quality cheeses table or gourmet salads in small cubes. This is the perfect cheese to prepare tapas and appetizers and perfect to marinate with a red wine.

Approximate weight: 550-600 gr.

12,40 €

23.45 €/kg

Data sheet

Origin Toledo (Spain)
Price per kilo 23.45 €/kg
Manufacturer Quesos Rosario Castaño S.L.
Ingredients Raw sheep milk, rennet, salt, egg lysozyme and E-252. Inedible bark: E-202 and E-235.
Nutritional values Energy value: 532.71 Kcal / 2229 Kj. Fat 44.99 (of which saturated 28gr, Carbohydrates 1.54 gr, Sugars 0.1 gr.). Proteins 30.41 gr. Salt 0.91 gr.
Allergens & co Suitable for celiacs. It does not contain gluten. It contains lysozyme, a natural egg derivative.
Ageing 4 to 8 months
Kind of milk Raw Sheep milk
weight 550 - 600 gr.

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2019-11-15 00:00:00
Nice sheep cheese
2020-10-26 16:11:29
Für Liebhaber von Hartkäse aus Schafsmilch! Einschränkung für die undefinierte Beschaffenheit der Rinde. Kann / soll man sie mitessen? Sie läßt sich nicht entfernen, nur wegschneiden.
2020-05-08 00:00:00
Top, sehr gut.
2020-01-23 00:00:00
Excellent !