Sheep and Goat semicured Cheese Tomelloso


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The sheep and goat semicured cheese Tomelloso has been made using sheep and goat pasteurized milk, predominating that of sheep. This cheese has an intense flavour and a smooth texture.

It does not have any colourings, neither preservatives or chemical additives, which makes it a product highly valued for lovers of the best traditional Spanish cheese from La Mancha. Moreover, it has natural brushed rind, which makes it a 100% handmade product made with milk from its own farms.

This cheese has obtained several rewards to its exceptional quality. Some of these awards are the 1st Prize for the Quality of Mixed Cheese at the Manzanares National Fair or the 3rd Prize for the Best Cheese in Spain at the Gourmet Fair in Madrid.

We recommend the Sheep and Goat Semicured Cheese Tomelloso to elaborate a table of cheeses of superior quality. It is perfect for making tapas and appetizers and for pairing with white and semi-dry wines for its strong flavor.

Origin: Tomelloso, Ciudad Real

Weight: 2.8 kg - 3.5 kg

Curying: 2-4 months

Milk: Sheep (80%) and Goat (20%)

36,35 €