Sobrasada (majorcan sausage) Superior IGP La Luna


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The Sobrassada (majorcan sausage) Superior IGP La Luna, is the selection of best meat pig from Majorca island, feed with natural products

The meat is combined with the best paprika and sea salt, and after the optimal period of curing, get the best sobrassada (majorcan sausage) able to satisfy the most discerning palates.

7,18 €

OriginMajorca (Spain)
Price per kilo19.75 €/kg
IngredientsFat (antioxidants E-320, E-321), lean pork, paprika and salt.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value 2361Kj/573Kcal Fat 67g (saturated 26.11g) Carbohydrates 0.8g (sugars 0.8g) Protein 14g Salt 2.4g
Allergens & coFree gluten. Free lactose.
PresentationVacuum packed

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