Catalan sausage “Llonganissa” (sliced)


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The traditional Catalan dried sausage is one of our most popular and valued products, this fantastic cured sausage is made with top quality lean meat, stuffed into natural casings and marinated with salt and pepper. The traditional Catalan dried sausage has been cured in natural drying rooms in the darkness until the optimum point is achieved. This dried sausage has been made in Balaguer (Lleida), this territory offers exceptional weather conditions which allow us to obtain a unique product.  

We recommend: Serve with slices of toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil. 

Origin: Balaguer (Lleida) 
It comes in a 100gr sachet vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma and enjoy it at home.

3,00 €

Price per kilo33 €/kg
Peso bruto100 gr
Peso neto85-90 gr
ManufacturerEmbotits Bi-Her S.L.
IngredientsPork lean, salt, pepper, milk protein, potato dextrin, lactose, wine (contains sulfites), antioxidant (E-316), coloring (E-120) and preservative (E-252). Stuffed in natural beef gut.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value 328 KCal / 1621.4 KJ, Proteins 33.2gr, Carbohydrates 6gr (which sugars 3.67gr), Fats 25.4gr (which saturated 7.49gr), Salt 3.8gr.
Allergens & coFree gluten. Contains lactose and milk protein.

The boneless Iberian ham (cebo) is the best option to enjoy at home the best iberian pata negra ham with no bone nor fat. Easy to cut, easy to store. The traditional production process and the curing for more than 24 months make an outstanding product among the Iberian hams.Presented in 3/4 pieces separately vacuum packed.

193,45 €

Fine and soft aroma, very tasty. Limited production. Made from a blend of wines carefully selected. Traditional presentation. Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada, Chardonnay   Aged for 30 months in cava (cellar) D.O. Cava  11,5%

9,55 €

The sliced Cebo Iberico shoulder ham tray is a delicious "Jamon" shoulder ham sliced on a tray. Low pressure vacuum-packed tray. This way the ham is not squashed and can be opened and served directly on the table. You can store it for some days on the fridge. Beautiful presentation for a dinner with friends, a family reunion or a birthday party.

18,09 €

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Catalan sausage “Llonganissa” (sliced)


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Origin : Girona, Catalunya, Spain

Breed: White

Preparation: The typical Catalan sausage is made with high quality pork meat, seasoned with salt and natural pepper and stuffed into natural gut. Its slowly curing process takes place inside natural drying rooms.

Presentation: It comes in a 100gr sachet vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma and enjoy it at home.

Taste: with sandwiches or as tapas, this sausage flavour is delicate and tasty.

Curiosities: The feature that makes it different from the Salchichon Iberico sausage is its lower fat content and its spectacular taste.

Presentation - Sliced products

The product will be cut just before being vacuum-packed for shipping so that it retains its original quality, aroma and flavour.

Presentation of the iberian pata negra bellota ham sliced

We cut it and vacuum-pack it:

  • The product is cut into thin slices just when the order arrives.
  • Vacuum-packed in 100gr packs just after it’s being cut.
  • This process protects the product and retains all its quality of taste and freshness.
  • The packs are shipped inside a small box with a safety strap for security.

This presentation allows you to eat delicious products sliced and with all their aroma and flavour.

We recommend you to take the product out of the plastic bag 15 minutes before eating it. The vacuum-packed products we sell can be stored in the fridge for 6 months. Please check the expiry date of each product.


Shipping information

shipping information jamonarium

Once you have confirmed your order, it will be prepared and sent via courier. Delivery date and shipping costs depend on destination and weight.

During the process you will receive detailed information by e-mail about the status of your order.

Please see more information about shipping:

All items are insured during the delivery. This means that any damage or loss of product is covered.

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Gaetan G. el día 11/21/2018Pas trop mal
Alicia M. el día 03/06/201810/10
Bueno, bonito y barato
Sara M. el día 01/16/2018Un salchichón riquisimo. Lo volveré a comprar seguro.
Very good
David B. el día 10/09/2017This pack of sliced meat was a nice surprise.
Produit de très bonne qualité.
Laurent R. el día 03/05/2013Produit de très bonne qualité. Je le recommande à mes amis. D'ailleurs ma prochaine commande sera une commande groupée avec 2 amis.
Great food, fast delivery and good value!
Goran P. el día 11/18/2013I visited your shop when in Barcelona in May on holiday - such a great place and you are clearly the experts. Very pleased with my first order - great food, fast delivery and good value! I will definitely be back to order more . Thank youBest regards
Very pleased with all the products
Owen W. el día 04/08/2013I was very pleased with all the products that I bought with you. I was a bit surprised by the huge amount of food and the very big size of the cheese but that is a very good thing. Delivery was excellent. I will certainly order from you again, but I think it will take me a while to eat all of the wonderful products.Things you could do to improve your company is to have tracking with your deliveries like UPS. I always know which day it is going to be delivered.Again thank you and I will tell my friends about your company.Owen

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