Baby squids in its own ink Ramón Peña


The squid in their own ink Ramón Peña come from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This Seafood is a real pleasure ready to meet the most demanding palates. Note that the squid from Ramón Peña is specially small, therefore it si very popular in the Mediterranean Gastronomy where it is considered a real delicacy.

We recommend to serve the squids accompanied with some bread toasts and a good white wine from (Rías Baixas).

Ingredients: Squid, olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, salt, wheat flour, ink and spices.
Net weight: 110 gr.
Drained weight: 80 gr.

5,36 €

73.75 €/kg

Data sheet

Origin Galicia (Spain)
Price per kilo 73.75 €/kg
Peso neto 110 gr.
Manufacturer Ramón Peña
Ingredients squids (mollusc), olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, wine, salt, ink and spices
Nutritional values energy value (calories): 773Kj / 186Kcal; 12g saturated fats 2.1g; carbohydrates 3g sugars 0.9g; 16g proteins; salt 1.1g
Allergens & co It contains mollusks
Drained weigth 80 gr.
Format 110 gr metal can.

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bon.ce serait encore mieux si plus de sauce ...!