White Extra Thick Asparagus (5-7) La Rioja - Marzo - jar 340g


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The White Asparagus (5-7) from la Rioja of Marzo (extra thick) are of high quality with soft and delicate flavor that characterizes this fruit. Canned in glass jar constitute a food with a high nutritional value that can be served in each season. A real treat at the table.

Asparagus grown in La Rioja is harvested in the spring and processed immediately to maintain maximum freshness and the qualities of this precious product. The result is an asparagus of an incomparable features.

We recommend serving them with extra virgin olive oil or mayonnaise as elle as with a vinaigrette as an appetizer, in salads or to accompany a meal.

Net Weight: 340gr

Drained weight: 280gr

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BUENOS espárragos, buen precio
Jo P. el día 06/20/2016Unos espárragos potentes, grosor medio, textura firme y buen sabor. Buen precio para el producto.

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