Ardiona Roncal sheep smoked cheese (Portion)


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The cured smoked cheeseRoncal Ardiona is made with sheep raw milk from and smoked in the valley of Roncal in the Pyrenees of Navarra.

Intense flavor and personality, ideal when combined with sweet flavors such as jam or quince.

Approximative weight: 220 gr.

4,71 €

The Iberian Bellota Spanish ham is the hind leg of an acorn fed Iberian pig. Curing time over 36 months for top quality hams. Intense flavour and an incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece. Because we take real care of its long fabrication process, its origin and its free acorn...

354,75 €

The sliced Iberian  ham (cebo) is presented in thin slices and vacuum-packed in  sachets. This is the easiest way to eat a delicious ham. It can be stored up to 6 months in the fridge or in a cool place. Curing time more than 24 months. Outstanding product among the Iberian hams.Sold in a 100gr sachet. 

7,73 €

Fine and soft aroma, very tasty. Limited production. Made from a blend of wines carefully selected. Traditional presentation. Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada, Chardonnay   Aged for 30 months in cava (cellar) D.O. Cava  11,5%

9,55 €

The natural clams Dardo 25 pieces (Galician Rias) is a delicacy unique in the world. Special for hedonists, those seeking the best product for tasting.Dardo clam comes from Ria de Arosa, namely Aguiño, Ribeira and Isla de Arosa, all areas where seafood becomes a size, color and taste superb.   Ingredients: Clams, water and salt. Net weight: 118 gr.

13,44 €

Chorizo Iberico de Bellota produced in the Guijuelo area (Salamanca). This Bellota chorizo is made with the finest meet in order to obtain a top quality Chorizo, the drying process follows the traditional process.Fresh meat produced in the Guijuelo area is the perfect row material to produce this delightful Chorizo.   Iberian Bellota lean sausage (Spanish...

26,09 €

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fromage brebis fumé
Françoise F. el día 01/17/2019Assez savoureux et surprenant,mais appecié.
Maria Dolores V. el día 09/24/2018Estupendo
Bon produit.
Amaury L. el día 02/20/2018Mais excessivement cher.
Pièce of cheese
Hanneke L. el día 12/06/2017I love it
Queso muy bueno
Inmaculada G. el día 03/24/2015Hola. Está todo correcto. El jamón muy bueno lo mismo que el queso. Muchas gracias. Muy amables.Un saludo
Martin V. el día 12/17/2016
Walid S. el día 12/15/2016-
the service worked well
Taneli V. el día 01/17/2014Jamonarium is a good shop and the service worked well. The chat is a good thing and one reason why I placed the order at your place. Swift response to questions is important.I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking to order jamón online.
El queso está delicioso y la paleta también
Sebastian L. el día 01/16/2014El queso está delicioso y la paleta también.Además llegaron en perfectas condiciones y con muy buena presentación.Repetiré sin duda. Ya lo he recomendado a todos los que he podido y seguiré haciéndolo.Lo que me convenció definitivamente fué la información telefónica que me ofrecieron, el tiempo, el trato...muy profesionales.Sin duda solicitaré más pedidos en un futuro no lejano.

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