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Arcos Pocket Vulcanus knife sharpener. Small and foldable, ideal for sharpening knives, kitchen knives and ham knives.Ham knives sharpening is essential in order to cut thin slices. A sharp knife gets a few slices thinner where we find the most exquisite taste of ham.

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Because of its forging fornitura one piece knives are highly demanded by professional chefs. The blade is forged stainless steel NITRUM ®, to improve their qualities. Classic cut handle with a rounded finish of great beauty and great firmness in use. Stainless steel rivets, ensuring high corrosion resistance.

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Arcos ham peeling knife Nitrum Serie Unirversal 170mm. Exclusive stainless steel high-performance and durability NITRUM ®. Handle designed for daily use without losing the design, dominated by straight lines with large formal and color contrasts. Stainless Steel Rivets tongued, high strength.

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Stainless steel tweezers Arcos for sliced ham and sausages. These stainless steel tweezers Arcos serve to serve the sausage and sliced ham. In the cutting process used to distribute the ham sliced ham on the plate as desired. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Arcos bag holder for 4 knives Bag to transport 4 knives safely to avoid cuts and to avoid damaging the knife blades. Space for 4 knives and additional material. Carrying handle.

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The Professional Ham Holder with Rotating Grip Jamotec is the ideal utensil for cutting hams and shoulders, this fantastic ham holder has a broad base of solid beech wood which provides great stability and strength. It also incorporates a rotating grip system which allows easy clamping in any position and makes it really easy to turn the hams and...

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