Sóller, the origin of the Mallorcan sobrasada

soller origin Majorcan sobrasada

What to visit in Soller?

You can enjoy exploring Soller’s old town and see its buildings, most of them from the 14th century. You can also enjoy the Gran Vía or Ca'n Prunera on Calle de Sa Lluna and get into a more modernist era.

After so much walking, you will surely feel like enjoying something refreshing. If you have the opportunity, you shouldn't miss out on trying their typical orange ice cream. The orange is one of their star products and you can find it in liqueurs, or even in ensaimadas.

If you prefer sweets, you will love the garrovetes del Papa (sweet made from egg yolk and sugar). If you prefer savory flavors, like us, you should know that in Sóller you will find some of the best sobrassadas, butifarras and pork pâté in the world.

This is the town where Embutidos la Luna was created more than 100 years ago. A family business that has managed to combine experience, wisdom and tradition.

Although we do not have the rest of the typical products of Sóller to send to your home, with the sobrasada we make an exception. You can find it in our store and ask us to ship it wherever in Europe.

This is the advantage to have a piece of Sóller at home, right? Find the best sobrasadas of La Luna here and visit Sóller when possible, a town worth seeing and trying.