Duck foie gras with grapes block Mas Parés


The millefeuille of foie gras with grapes is the original result mixing two outstanding products. The grape jelly and a excelent foie gras. As soon as we start cutting the foie gras we will find the grape jam, arranged in a layer between the Foie.This product is Ideal as an aperitif or cold starter.

We recomend: Serve this product cold with thin toasts as an aperitif.

Ingredients: Foie gras, grape jam, rum, salt, white pepper, nutmeg. Without gluten.
Net weight: 130gr.

14,50 €

The Bellota Iberian Spanish shoulder ham is one of the finest dishes from Spanish gastronomy. It comes from an iberian pig fed with acorn in freedom around the pastures. Its's curing time over 24 months is one of the reasons of its exellent taste. An intense flavour and an unbelievable aroma. Marbled with small layers of pink juicy fat which makes this...

138,60 €

Balsamic, fresh and persistent. Deep and defined acidity. Final with a hint of oak. Tempranillo 90%, Graciano 7% y Mazuelo 3%    26 months in American oak barrels  D.O. Rioja   14,2%  Peñin: 90/100; Parker: 88/100   Iberic ham, soft cheeses.

13,97 €

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