1/2 Bellota Iberico Lomo (600gr)


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The Bellota Iberian Lomo is one of the most appreciated parts of Iberian pig fed on acorns.Its thinness layers of fat infiltrated into the iberian loin comes from the acorn diet of the pig. This is a quality feature of the authentic lomo Iberico bellota .
The  Iberian bellota loin is one of the finest parts of the iberian pig, it is very well known and preciated in the spanish gastronomie.

We recommend 
 the bellota Iberian Lomo to prepare top quality meat platters, it is also perfect for Tapas and Snacks.

It comes vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma.
Total weight of 600gr.

24,38 €

Price per kilo44,7 €/kg
ManufacturerJamogar S.L.
IngredientsLoin of Iberian pork, paprika, salt, sugars, spices, antioxidants and synergists (E-301, E-331) and preservatives (E-250, E-252).
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (100 gr): 336 Kcal / 1400 KJ. Fats: 21.6 gr (of which saturated 6.5 gr). Carbohydrates: 0.42 gr. Sugars: 0.42 gr. Proteins: 34.9 gr. Salt: 2.4 gr.
Allergens & cogluten free

The Iberian Bellota Spanish ham is the hind leg of an acorn fed Iberian pig. Curing time over 36 months for top quality hams. Intense flavour and an incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece. Because we take real care of its long fabrication process, its origin and its free acorn...

354,75 €

The Chorizo Iberico Bellota sliced is made with a carefully selected mixture of pork meat from iberian pata negra bellota pigs. The mixture is seasoned with salt and red natural pepper to bestuffed into a natural pork gut and put it to dry slowly. It comes in a 100gr sachet vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma and enjoy it at home.

2,27 €

The Bellota Iberian Lomo is one of the most appreciated parts of Iberian pig fed on acorns.Its thinness layers of fat infiltrated into the iberian loin comes from the acorn diet of the pig. This is a quality feature of the authentic lomo Iberico bellota .The  Iberian bellota loin is one of the finest parts of the iberian pig, it is very well known and...

5,36 €

The ibericos Bellota tray is a selection of Spanish Bellota charcuterie ( lomo, chorizo and salchichon). Maximum quality. Low pressure vacuum-packed tray. This way the slices are not squashed and can be opened and served directly on the table. You can store it for some days on the fridge.This meat platter is a very preciated dish in the spanish...

13,55 €

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Bellota Iberian Lomo


Bellota Iberian LomoBellota Iberian Lomo

Origin : Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain

Breed: Iberian Acorn

Preparation: It comes from each of the two pieces of meat that are next to the spine below the pig ribs. It’s marinated with salt, natural pepper and spices as it has been maked traditionally for many, many years. The curing process takes a minimum of 3 months to get a delicious iberian dish.

Taste: Mild flavour, juicy and balanced with a unique texture due to the perfect combination of traditional recipe and care during its production.

Curiosities: Reddish colour, mild aroma, juiciness, unique. It’s a pleasure for all the gourmets.

Presentation - Products in pieces and boneless products

Your product will be cut in pieces just when your order arrives. Then the product will be vacuum-packed to retain the original quality, aroma and flavour.

Presentacion, envasado al vacio embutido chorizo leon

Vacuum packaging process:

  • he product is vacuum-packed in transparent plastic bags, just before it’s sent.
  • This process protects the product and retains all its quality of taste and freshness.

Shipping package:

  • Box with a handle for easy and secure transportation.
  • A strap around the box ensures its safe transportation.

We recommend you to take the product out of the plastic bag 15 minutes before eating it. The vacuum-packed products we sell can be stored in the fridge for a long time. Please check the expiry date of every product.


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Lomo Ibérico
Nico W. el día 04/29/2019Lendenstück mit ausgezeichnetem Geschmack. Werde ich noch öfter bestellen und kann es nur weiter empfehlen. Super.
Lombo iberico
Domenico M. el día 12/17/2018Lo abbiamo trovato di nostra completa soddisfazione.
El lomo no sabe mucho
Marta B. el día 08/20/2018

El lomo no sabe mucho a bellota! Nos ha decepcionado!


Lamentamos que el Lomo ibérico Bellota no haya cumplido sus expectativas. Normalmente nuestros clientes de lomo Bellota están muy satisfechos, imaginamos que la pieza que le enviamos no debía haber curado bien o no estaba bien adobada. Esperamos que en su próxima compra podamos demostrarle que este producto es de los que enamoran. Gracias por sus comentarios, nos ayudan a mejorar. Que tenga un buen día.

Une découverte
Lionel E. el día 06/03/2018Parfait à l’aperitif.
Gennaro s. el día 01/09/2018Ottimo
Fernando P. el día 07/31/2017Lomo riquisimo, acostumbrado al producto iberico es una maravilla disponer de tal producto a tantos kilometros de distancia
nakache f. el día 07/11/2017Je ne l'ai pas encore goûter
Pierre G. el día 11/29/2016produit d'une grande finesse sans gras ou presque et très peu salé ce qui laisse toute sa place au gout, à manger sans modération.
Lomo muy muy bueno
Svetlana P. el día 07/16/2014Hace una semana acabamos de llegar de Barcelona y me gustaría agradecerle por su tiempo dedicado a mi compra, espero que su mujer no hubiera enfadado demasiado) Era un gran placer de conocerle y siempre fantástico ver a alguien tan interesado en alguna cosa como Ud en su tema! Hemos probado ya todo comprado esta vez, muy bueno como siempre. El vino que me ha recomendado -de Sers- ha sido muy muy bueno, tal vez lo pedímos por Internet. Y envió algunas fotos de nuestro bar y jamón para Alex y Ud!Gracias otra vez y saludos de San Petersburgo!
I am very satisfied
Kim Gregers P. el día 11/18/2013Dear Jamonarium.As you can imagine, I have not had the chance to taste all the goodies, I got delivered last week, but so far, I am very satisfied. As you know, this was not my first purchase at Jamonarium, so my expectations are quite high in respect to the quality of the the stuff, I bought from you.Re. the order process, it seemed much more professional than last time, and the idea of the chat-dialogue worked very well, and I felt served in a fast and satisfying way. Being upgraded to UPS without extra cost added to the good experience as well. Best regards

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