Saffron La Dalia 1gr


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The La Dalia saffron is a spice with great aroma and flavor and a slight bitter taste. Very popular in the Mediterranean gastronomy and indispensable in many kitchens. It is used in a many type of dishes such as paella, fish, meats, stews, potatoes, seafood...

The La Dalia saffron is a natural spice with countless medicinal properties, good for digestion and a great antioxidant.

Weight: 1 gr.

Packaging: Glass

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Spices with saffron The Dalia is a seasoning mix for paella with saffron. It is a seasoning with spices we all are used to use for the preparation of the best traditional paella. These spices not only achieve an exceptional taste, but it do also have the incredible aromas and color than no other could add in your paella.

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