Sweet Paprika "pimentón" de la Vera (smoked), La Dalia 70 gr


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The sweet Paprika "pimentón" de la Vera (smoked) is a very key ingredient for many Spanish dishes. This species comes from the region called Vera, in the northern part of Cáceres. It is perfect for seasoning meats, soups and tapas.
The sweet Paprika "pimentón" de la Vera (smoked) is known worldwide for its intense flavour, it is produced from two varieties of red peppers called Bola and Jaranda peppers. The smoky aroma is due to the drying process which is done with oak smoke.

We recommend using the sweet Paprika "pimentón" de la Vera (smoked) to prepare a good Galician octopus or for any kind of soup.

Variety: Smoked Sweet Paprika "pimentón"
Source: Protected Designation of Origin, Pimentón de la Vera
Weight: 800gr ideal to consume at home
Package: Tin

1,81 €

28.42 €/kg

Data sheet

Origin Cáceres (Spain)
Tasting note Soft, totally sweet taste
Price per kilo 28.42 €/kg
Peso neto 70 gr.
Manufacturer José María Hernández S.L.
Ingredients 100% dried and ground pepper
Nutritional values Caloric value: 282 Kcal / 1178.8 KJ, Crude protein 13.6% (w / w), carbohydrate 30.7%
Allergens & co Allergen free. Not OMG.
Format 70 gram decorated metal can

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Paprika de la Vera La Dalia

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