Arbeyal Deer Pate


The Deer Pate is a extraordinary pate, all the ingredients are selected carefuly in order to obtain always the best possible result. This Deer Pate is made with deer meat, pork meat and other delicious ingredients, one of the main features of this pate is its softness and fine texture, a real pleasure for the palate.

We recommend: Enjoy the Deer Pate as a starter accompanied by a few thin slices of bread and a good red wine.

Ingredients: 50% Venison, pork, bacon, milk, eggs, thyme, pepper, white wine, salt and gelatin.
Weight: 100g.
Format: Easy opening can

2,68 €

ManufacturerConservas Arbeyal S.L.
IngredientsVenison meat (50%), pork meat, bacon, milk protein, egg powder, thyme, pepper, white wine, gelatin and salt
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 972Kj / 234Kcal; fats 18.1g, saturated 6.6g; 1g carbohydrates, sugars 0.75g; 16.6g proteins; 0.33g fiber; 2.2g salt

The Iberian Cebo shoulder ham is the foreleg of an Iberian pig fed with natural compound feed and grass. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 18 months. Guaranteed Iberico ham from Extremadura. We take very good care of all the process to offer you the best iberico Cebo shoulder ham you can eat!!! Better sliced? See the Sliced...

90,24 €

The boneless Bellota Iberian shoulder ham is the best option to enjoy at home the best iberian  pata negra bellota shoulder ham with no bone nor fat. Easy to cut, easy to store. Intense flavour and an unmatched, incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece. Presented in 2 halves...

127,09 €

The cheese Flor de Guadamur is made with pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep and comes from Toledo. Approximative weight per portion: 220 gr.

3,75 €

Balsamic, fresh and persistent. Deep and defined acidity. Final with a hint of oak. Tempranillo 90%, Graciano 7% y Mazuelo 3%    26 months in American oak barrels  D.O. Rioja   14,2%  Peñin: 90/100; Parker: 88/100   Iberic ham, soft cheeses.

11,55 €

The Spider crab pate 100g is a delicious snack made with ingredients selected by Agromar. We recommend serving the pate chilled on a thin toast with smoked salmon or anchovy. Ingredients: Spider crab (50 %), hake, vegetable margarine, milk, eggs, tomato, sherry, natural spices and salt. Net weight:100gr.

2,68 €

The Cabrales Pate is a exquisite pate made from Cabrales cheese and pork meet. This extraordinary product has an intense flavour with a creamy texture, ideal for appetizers or entrées.We recommend: Enjoy the cabrales pate as a snack accompanied by a few thin slices of bread and a good white wine. Ingredients: 30% Cabrales cheese, pork, margarine, milk,...

2,41 €

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