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Full, fleshy and velvety ecological wine. Ants will caress your palate.

1.jpg Garnacha, Cariñera and Syrah

1.jpg  Aged for eight months in French and American oak barrels.

1.jpg  2012

1.jpg D.O. Priorat (España)

1.jpg  15%

1.jpg Rice, pasta, white and red meat, cold meat, stews, eggs, pate, foie, blue fish, cured cheeses and vegetables.

Buying BOX x6 - Formiga de Vellut ecological, Crianza , D.O.Qa. Priorat

Ficha Técnica

OriginTarragona (Spain)
ManufacturerDomini de la Cartoixa, S.L.
PairingsMeats, grilled sausages, rice with meats and semi-cured cheeses
CertificationsEcological production
Ageing8 months in French and American oak barrels
Price per litre20.66 €/l
Designation of OriginD.O.Qa. Priorat
Grape varietyGarnacha, Cariñera y Syrah
Type of wineCrianza
Format750 ml

buying BOX x6 - Cascabel Blanco ecológico, D.O. León

Ficha Técnica

OriginCastilla y León (Spain)
ManufacturerBodega el sueño de las alforjas
PairingsFish, shellfish, salads, rice, pasta
CertificationsEcological production
Price per litre7.86€/l
Designation of OriginD.O. León
Grape varietyAlbarín
Type of wineWhite
Format750 ml

buying BOX x6 - Jean Leon young red 3055 Merlot Petit Verdot organic, D.O. Penedes

Ficha Técnica

OriginPenedés (Spain)
ManufacturerJean Merlot
Allergens & coContains sulfites
PairingsAll kinds of fish and meat dishes.
CertificationsEcological production
Price per litre17.2 €/l
Designation of OriginD.O. Penedés
Grape variety70% Merlot, 30% Petit Verdot
Type of wineYoung red wine with aging
Format750 ml

Buying BOX x6 - Dido La Universal Crianza red wine organic, D.O. Montsant

Ficha Técnica

OriginMontsant (Spain)
ManufacturerVenus "La Universal"
CertificationsEcological production
Price per litre20.4 €/l
Designation of OriginD.O. Montsant
Grape varietyGarnacha, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Type of wineCrianza
Format750 ml

Shades of ripe white fruits with floral shades. Soft and grasy, good acidity.

1.jpg  Macabeu, Muscat, Parellada

1.jpg  White young wine

1.jpg  D.O. Penedés

1.jpg  11

1.jpg  Appetizers, salads, seafood, foie, rices, fishes/smoked

Ficha Técnica

OriginTarragona (Spain)
ManufacturerCan Sumoi
PairingsAppetizers, salads, seafood, foie, rice, fish / smoked
CertificationsEcological production
Price per litre13.2€/l
Designation of OriginDO Penedés
Grape variety20% Macabeu, 45% Muscat, 35% Parellada
Type of wineYoung
Format750 ml

Buying BOX x6 - Emilio Moro La Felisa Organic Crianza Red, D.O. Ribera del Duero

Ficha Técnica

OriginRibera del Duero (Spain)
ManufacturerEmilio Moro
CertificationsEcological production
Price per litre34 €/l
Designation of OriginD.O. Ribera del Duero
Grape variety100% Tinto fino
Type of wineRed wine
Format750 ml