Arbeyal Wild Boar Pate


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The Wild Boar Pate has a intense and longlasting flavour, this product is made with wild boar meat following the traditional recipe. It is a unique handmade pate, using only the best ingredients from our land.

We recommend: Enjoy the wild boar pate as a starter accompanied by a few thin slices of bread and a good red wine.

Ingredients: Wild boar meat 40%, pork, pork belly, pork liver, milk, eggs, brandy, thyme, pepper, gelatin and salt.
Weight: 100g.
Fromato: Easy-open can

2,68 €

ManufacturerConservas Arbeyal S.L.
IngredientsWild Boar meat (40%), pork meat, bacon, pork liver, milk protein, powdered egg, wine, thyme, pepper, gelatin and salt.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 898Kj / 216Kcal; fats 16.2g, saturated 6g; 1g carbohydrates; sugars 0.69g; 16.4g proteins; 0.38g fiber; salt 2g

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Excelente servicio y volveré a comprar con ustedes
Juan V. el día 10/08/2014Muchas gracias, esta buenísima, excelente servicio y volveré a comprar con ustedes. My buena la paleta y les deseo lo mejor en su negocio que se lo merecen.

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