Agromar Scorpionfish (cabracho) pate


The Agromar scorpionfish pate is a tasty pate with a high content of scorpionfish (cabracho)more than 40%. Made with fresh fish from the bay of Biscay.

We recommend to be served cold on thin toastAlso accompanying a hake fillet steamed.

Ingredients: scorpionfish (40%), hake, tomato, margarine, vegetable, milk, eggs, sherry, spices, natural and salt. 
Net weight: 100gr.

2,68 €

ManufacturerConservas Agromar S.L.
Ingredientsscorpion fish (40%), hake, tomato, butter, milk protein, egg powder, wine, pepper and salt
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 631Kj / 152Kcal; fats 11g, saturated 5g; 3g carbohydrates, sugars 1.6g; 0g proteins; 0.13g fiber; salt 1.5g

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