Foie Gras with Almonds Millefeuille - Mas Parés 130g


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The Foie Gras Bloc with Almonds Millefeuille 130g. is the original result of the combination of two exceptional products: selected duck liver (85%) and Jijona nougat cream with almonds and nougat liquor added. Nougat has the name of "turron" in Spain.

The blend of both provides a new synergy of aromas, flavors and textures: that will stimulate your senses and as a result will delight your palate and melt in your mouth.

The Nougat has the name of "turron" in Spain. "Turron" of Jijona is obtained from a mixture of toasted almonds with eggs and honey. It is a typical Christmas sweetmeat, which can be tasted at any time of the year.

When cutting the foie gras you will find the "turron" of Jijona, that comes arranged in a thin layer between the foie.

Our recommendations: ideal as an appetizer or cold starter.

Net weight: 130g

13,18 €

ManufacturerInnoducky, S.L.
IngredientsDuck foie gras (85%), caramelised almond (6.5%), 5% turron paste (almond, honey, sugar), nougat liquor (2%), salt, white pepper and nutmeg. Conservative (E-250). Antioxidant (E-300)
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 2048Kj / 490Kcal; saturated fat 48.5g 28.3g; 5.8g carbohydrates sugars 4.7g; 7g proteins; salt 0.7g
Allergens & cogluten free

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