Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'The Chinata' (1 liter)


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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 'La Chinata' is obtained from healthy Olives at tis optimum ripeness, the olives for its production come from the spanish region known as Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. This olive oil has been obtained from olives that meet the Quality standards and following exclusively a mechanical process in cold conditions that do not lead to alterations of this precious fluid.

We recommend this Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its quality, comfort and versatility. Furthermore, this is a cheaper option compared to single bottle.  

Tasting notes: The smell reminds us a multitude of aromas of green leafs and apples, it also has a extreamly soft and equilibrated bitterness and spiciness remaining stable over time.

Origin: La Chinata, Cáceres
Variety: 100% Single-variety Manzanilla Cacereña
Capacity: 1 liters
Packaging: Can/ Dose which limits light contact for optimal conservation.

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'The Chinata' is the juice of olives harvested in the region of the Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. We collect only those fruits that satisfy the properties that we consider fundamental to obtain an extra virgin very high quality.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'The Chinata' is characterized primarily by four factors:

- A bright yellow with some traces of green.
- A sweet and flat, without bitterness or itching characteristic of oils of southern Spain, so you get a nice taste that makes the tasting of these Virgin is a real pleasure.
- An aroma of ripe fruit very dense.
- A high content of fatty acids, which make these Virgin in one of the most perfect of all those obtained in the different olive-growing areas of Spain.

The packaging is elegant, durable, recyclable, do not let light through, remains unchanged, the properties of liquid gold.

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Mariano H. el día 09/11/2017gracias por el gesto dela calidad no puedo dar opinion pues no lo he probado creo sera bueno como todo producto que uds tienen
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the service worked well
Taneli V. el día 01/17/2014Jamonarium is a good shop and the service worked well. The chat is a good thing and one reason why I placed the order at your place. Swift response to questions is important.I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking to order jamón online.
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Me sorprendió que el pedido me llegase en menos de 48 h ( y vivo
Javier P. el día 11/18/2013En general, muy buenos. Ya conocía el aceite La Chinata y me gusta bastante. En cuanto al salchichón ibérico y a las virutas de jamón ibérico, muy buenos también. Buena. Me sorprendió que el pedido me llegase en menos de 48 h ( y vivo en Alemania...). Tenéis una web muy bien hecha y fácil de usar...muy clarito todo.

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