Salchichón of Vic cular Truffed, Casa Riera Ordeix, 300g


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Salchichón de Vic cular stuffed with truffles Casa Riera Ordeix is a sausage that has been cured and elaborated following the traditional preparation of the sausage of Vic. Afterwards black winter truffle is added, which mixed with natural dry brings an extraordinary taste.

The creation of the recipe of this sausage with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2002, dates back more than 160 years ago. The meat used comes from farms of the brand and the natural drying, provides the salchichon with an unparalleled flavour and aroma.

The Salchicón of Vic cular is presented wrapped in paper certifying its origin.

Salchichón without preservatives, without lactose, without gluten and suitable for coeliacs.

Weight: 300 gr.

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ElaborationNatural drying during 3-6 months, according to climate.
Part of the pigNoble parts of the pork (ham, steaky bacon and loin)
CuriositiesSuitable for coeliacs
Peso neto300 gr.
ManufacturerCasa Riera Ordeix
IngredientsNoble parts of pork (ham, bacon and lean pork), sea salt, black pepper, black truffle and natural gut.
Allergens & coFree gluten, lactose and preservatives.

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