Clams nature 25 pieces Dardo (Rias Gallegas)


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The natural clams Dardo 25 pieces (Galician Rias) is a delicacy unique in the world. Special for hedonists, those seeking the best product for tasting.

Dardo clam comes from Ria de Arosa, namely Aguiño, Ribeira and Isla de Arosa, all areas where seafood becomes a size, color and taste superb.


Ingredients: Clams, water and salt. Net weight: 118 gr.

13,44 €

Data sheet

OriginGalicia (Spain)
Price per kilo225.23 €/Kg
Peso neto118 gr.
ManufacturerConservas Dardo S.L.
Ingredientsclams, water and salt
Nutritional valuesEnergy value 366 Kj / 87 Kcal, Fats 2.9 gr (saturated 1gr.), Carbohydrates 9.1 gr (sugars 0 gr.), Proteins 6.1 gr, salt 2.1 gr, omega 3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA) 660 mg / 100 gr.
Allergens & coIt contains clam
Drained weigth65 gr.
FormatTin can of easy opening of 118 gr.

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Clams, cockles and razor clams Dardo, are three of the most appreciated of our seafood Rías are selected piece by piece and stored raw, its value both economic gourmet makes only in specialized centers to acquire and delicatessen, being highly valued by our palate.

Canned Sting, Galician seafood

Even before sailing the seas, man learned to recognize its many treasures, discovering thus still appreciate arts.
Of those seafaring morality, automatically seeded and determination, we obtain a precious legacy, blending tradition and technique that allows us to continue to enjoy the full flavor of our waters.
With the wisdom of experience, men and women we have been passing their knowledge.
It is the result of a job well done, love shared by the sea, the cradle of dreams and efforts to offer cozily welcomed us off.
Combine tradition and technique, incorporating the latest advances to preserve the best of the sea. That goal is why we do our our work, how to pay tribute to those who made possible through their efforts that we can all recognize the magic of taste and who, like you, want to continue enjoying it.
Continue a commitment to quality is now the promise of the future, expanding our range of flavor for you to continue enjoying the excellence of the best vintages from our shores in their finest recipes.

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