Return and money-back policy


Delivery times are expressed in approximative times, which are expressed on working days under normal circumstances. Causes outside Jamonarium’s control may affect transit of shipments. Deliveries may be delayed between one and two days in some periods like Christmas, Easter or August. Exceptional situations like strikes, extreme weather conditions or borders blockade are not taken into account for transit periods.


- Orders may be returned if they are wrong, in bad condition or doesn’t suit the offered product.

- If you wish a refund, contact us by phone to (+34) 931 763 594 or through the contact form. Please specify the order reference, product (s) to be returned and its problems.

- Terms and conditions:

  • The communication of the return must be done during the 10 days after receiving the order. The return must be done during the following 15 days of the communication of the return.
  • In order to return any order, it must be done in the original box and the product must weigh at least the 85% of the original product.
  • The refund will be done during 15 following days after the resolution of the case. The refund will be made by using the same payment method.
  • If the piece does not suit the mentioned conditions after being examined by us, the costs of reshipment will be assumed by the customer. In case this would not be done during the 5 days after, we assume the client does not want to recover the product.

Weight of the product

Our products may present variations in the weight due to quality conditions, which are expressed below:

Whole hams and shoulders may vary around 200gr (+/-) over the advertised weight.
Boneless pieces may vary around 100gr (+/-) over the advertised weight.
Sliced ​​products are served in 100g drained weight sachets, which is equivalent to 85-90 net grams.

Refund before shipment

If you made an order and it has not been sent yet, you may request a refund by contact form or by phoning (0034) 931 763 594.

Terms and conditions:

- If the order has been already sent, the refund will be made discounting shipping and return costs

- Refunds will be made throughout the same payment method of the purchase.

- Any refund of a delivered order must suit return conditions.