Pack SUR2 - Case "Sea Delicacy" Frinsa

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Assortment of canned fish and seafood, to enjoy the best seafood from the sea and the Galician Rias.


1 unit soushed mussels of the Galician Rias, 6/8 pieces.

1 unit Albacore tuna “Gourmet Selection”.

1 unit Natural razor shell Galician Rias.

1 unit Variegated scallops in scallop sauce from the Galician Rias.

1 unit Sardines in Olive Oil from the Galician Rias.

1 unit Tuna in Olive Oil, of 200 grs.

1 unit Albacore tuna in Olive Oil, of 111 grs.

1 unit soused white tuna , of200 grs.

2 pcs white tuna in Olive Oil, glass jar 260 grs.

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Minimum purchase: 10 units.

Exclusive Christmas hampers for company gifts.

Delivery time between 15-20 days.

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58,00 €

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