Anchovies in olive oil Ortiz


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The Anchovies Ortiz in olive oil is one of the most valued smoked fish worldwide. The Ortiz anchovies are fished in the summer following the traditional methods and respecting the sea environment. The amazing quality of these anchovies is based on its six months maturation and its packaging with premium olive oil for a perfect conservation. The result are these exceptional anchovies with firm texture and a strong sea flavour.

We recommend serving the Ortiz anchovies on toasted bread with olive oil or on top of salad from Tudela. They are also very good with creative canapés or stuffed eggs.

Packing type: Easy open tin.
Net weight: 47.5 gr.
Drained weight: 29 gr.

3,55 €

The cured smoked cheeseRoncal Ardiona is made with sheep raw milk from and smoked in the valley of Roncal in the Pyrenees of Navarra.Intense flavor and personality, ideal when combined with sweet flavors such as jam or quince. Approximative weight: 220 gr.

4,71 €

The traditional Catalan dried sausage is one of our most popular and valued products, this fantastic cured sausage is made with top quality lean meat, stuffed into natural casings and marinated with salt and pepper. The traditional Catalan dried sausage has been cured in natural drying rooms in the darkness until the optimum point is achieved. This dried...

6,27 €

The variegated scallops in scallop sauce are one of the most popular seafood types from Galicia, these molluscus are similar to scallops but have a smaller size. This product is accompanied by a scallop sauce which has been handcrafted with natural ingredients. The Variegated scallops Dardo are a natural source of protein and they have a low percentage of...

1,77 €

The Ortiz White Tuna in olive oil is angled by sailors in the rough waters of the Bay of Biscay with traditional arts and without damaging the precious meat or other species. Its light pink color, mild flavor, a tender and firm consistency make this product a gourmet delicious dish. We recommend it with a green salad of lettuce hearts or just inside a...

8,77 €

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Muchas gracias!
Arturo B. el día 11/24/2014Muchas gracias!Nos ha llegado todo en las fechas indicadas.
Ruben Khachaturyants
Ruben K. el día 10/03/2016Excellent anchovies, very tasty. Good quality.
thierry L. el día 06/22/2015Colis reçu hier emballage parfait pour la qualité du produit ce sera cet après midi cordialement

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