Sardine fillets without skin and bone in extra virgin olive oil, 120g, Frinsa


The fillets of sardines without skin and bone in extra virgin olive oil 120g Frinsa, are coming from Galician estuaries, which guarantees a good flavor and a high quality level. Both skin and bone have been removed manually to take care of the product as much as possible. Afterwards, olive oil and salt are added, making this a healthy and good-quality can.

We recommend serving it in salads, appetizers with a vinaigrette or in toasts with tomato.

Net Weight: 120g

Drained weight: 85g

3,18 €

AspectTin can
Peso neto120 gr.
ManufacturerFrinsa del Noroeste S.A.
IngredientsSardines, extra virgin olive oil (29%) and salt.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value: 878 KJ / 210 KCal, fats 12.3 gr, Saturated fats 2.6 gr, Carbohydrates -0.00 gr, Sugars -0.00gr, Proteins 24.9 gr, Salt 0.5 gr
Drained weigth85 gr.

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