Mackerel fillets in extra virgin olive oil, 120g, Frinsa


Mackerel fillets in extra virgin olive oil 120g of Frinsa come from Galician estuaries, which guarantees an intense flavor and a high quality level. The process of removing skin and bones has been done manually. Afterwards salt and olive oil are added, making it a very natural preserve.

We recommend taking it in toast with tomato, accompanied by fresh cheese and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.

Net Weight: 120g
Drained weight: 85g

3,18 €

AspectTin can
Peso neto120 gr.
IngredientsMackerel from the South, extra virgin olive oil (28%) and salt.
Nutritional values1,192 KJ / 287 KCal, Greases 22,40 gr., Saturated fats 4,10 gr., Carbohydrates -0,5 gr., Sugars -0,5 gr., Proteins 21 gr., Salt 1,4 gr.
Drained weigth85 gr.

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