White Tuna in Escabeche Marinade of Yurrita - 266 grs


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The White Tuna in Escabeche Marinade of Yurrita is an exquisite product. Its main features are white flesh, exquisite taste and a smoother texture than the rest of the species.

Only whole loins are used for processing. Once fried in olive oil, marinade is added, according to the traditional recipe that gives the canned fish aroma and inimitable touch of flavou.

The old method of preserving food using vinegar in called "escabeche", it means the balanced mixture of vinegar and oil with salt.

Selected and packaged by hand.

Savour it as a perfect complement to a balanced diet, thanks to its rich content of Omega-3 fatty acids,and vitamins of group A, B, D and E.

Net Weight: 266g

Drained weight: 173g

6,91 €

ManufacturerYurrita e Hijos S.A.
IngredientsBonito del Norte (Thunnus alalunga), wine vinegar, sunflower oil and salt
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 742Kj / 177Kcal; 6.8g saturated fats 4.9g; carbohydrates 1.19 sugars less than 0.3g; 27.9g proteins; salt 1g

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