Bellota Iberian shoulder ham (boneless)

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The boneless Bellota Iberian shoulder ham is the best option to enjoy at home the best iberian  pata negra bellota shoulder ham with no bone nor fat. Easy to cut, easy to store.
Intense flavour and an unmatched, incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.

Presented in 2 halves separately vacuum packed.

127,09 €

  • 2 Kg
  • 1.8 Kg

BreedIbérico 50%
HealingMore than 24 months
FeedingBellota: Fed with acorns. Top quality ham certified.
ElaborationIbéricos: Traditional curing process provides a natural cellar aroma and a unique delicate taste.
Part of the pigForeleg
AspectThe product is sold boneless and vacuum packed. Sold per kilo, not as a whole ham.
Tasting noteIntense flavour and incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.
HealthRich in protein, B vitamins and oleic acid (good cholesterol producer). Very low in calories (95cal per 50g), an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, 100% healthy.
CuriositiesThe texture of the fat is homogeneous and creamy. If we take a small amount of fat between two fingers and rubbed it melts easily.
Price per kilo69,9€/kg
IngredientsIberian shoulder pork ham, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (E-331iii) and preservatives (E-250, E-252).
Nutritional valuesEnergy value: 334 Kcal Saturated fatty acids: 10.87 g Fats: 19.85 g Carbohydrates: 0.3 g Sugars: 0.2 g Proteins: 38.64 g / 100 g Chlorides: 4.82%
Allergens & coFree gluten. Free lactose.

The Bellota Iberian Spanish shoulder ham is one of the finest dishes from Spanish gastronomy. It comes from an iberian pig fed with acorn in freedom around the pastures. Its's curing time over 24 months is one of the reasons of its exellent taste. An intense flavour and an unbelievable aroma. Marbled with small layers of pink juicy fat which makes this...

133,00 €

The Bellota Iberian Lomo is one of the most appreciated parts of Iberian pig fed on acorns. Its thinness layers of fat marbled into the iberian meat comes from the acorn diet of the pig. This is a quality feature of the authentic lomo Iberico bellota .The  Iberian Bellota Lomo is one of the finest parts of the iberian pig, it is very well known and...

48,76 €

The Chorizo from León is made from smoked, cured pork meat. It’s dark red colour and it has a characteristic strong aroma. Its intense flavour and strong texture is typically from the Castilian countryside, the Chorizo from León is valued and well known all over the Spanish geography. Presentation in a horseshoe, with attached ends and connected by a...

5,05 € 6,32 € -20%

A round and sweet wine. Great Rivera del Duero.  Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot   Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and American. Bottled in March 2011.  D.O. Ribera del Duero   14,5%   91 Puntos Parker/ 93 Puntos Peñin  Roasts, Piglet, smoked meat, Iberian products, Red Meats

25,56 €

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Excellent quality
András S. el día 11/17/2017For this price, the shoulder is exactly what I was expecting. It would be good to have a bit more fat on it, but this is a shoulder, not a ham.
cyril c. el día 05/12/2017

mais un peu salé ...

Impeccable, livraison rapide, relationnel parfait, bon contact
Helene M. el día 02/22/2013L'épaule pata negra bellota désossée bonne mais moins bonne qu'avec l'os. La dernière fois, l'épaule entière était un délice !Parfait pour la charcuterie et le fromage.Le service impeccable, livraison rapide, relationnel parfait, bon contact
Une qualité des produits excellente
Julien j. el día 10/07/2014Une qualité des produits excellenteLes produits sont conformes aux descriptifs et les livraisons sans problèmes donc oui je recommanderai votre site!
Je le recommande à tous mes amis
Christophe B. el día 07/16/2014Très bon mais moins bon que le jambon bellota avec os. Excellente impression et je le recommande à tous mes amis amateurs de jambon espagnol.
Très bien, je reviendrai
Olivier M. el día 04/08/2014Très bien, je reviendraiTrès bonne,à recommander sans hésitation
Epaule Ibérique Belote
Jean-marie F. el día 06/17/2016Génial, du gout, un pur bonheur. Très recommandable. Livraison rapide et de qualité. TROP BON.MERCI
Conforme a lo esperado
Olivier C. el día 01/16/2014Conforme a lo esperadoMuy buena, les recomendaria con mucho placer y segurire comprando
J'ai beaucoup aimé
Patrice B. el día 11/30/2015J'ai beaucoup aimé. J'ai préféré le belotta qui avait plus de goût mais le cebo était très bien aussi. Très bon service, bonne information et livraison rapide.

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